Don't underestimate your value, you may be able to volunteer and not even know it!

Can you spread and share our social media posts? Can you pick up fresh, healthy food and deliver it to a shelter or school near you? Can you distribute flyers, sample copies, or postcards to retailers or food, water and shelter organizations in your community? Can you gather contact information for graphic novel and book retailers or food, water and shelter organizations in your area? Are you a regional farmer willing to sell us fresh produce and deliver it to a local school or food program? Are you a local book retailer who could carry our books?

All Day Breakfast is always looking for hard-working, caring and trustworthy people to help implement fundraisers, food drives, breakfast programs and other events. 

All applicants will be required to submit a vulnerable sector check or law enforcement clearance in their region, especially if they will be working with people in the vulnerable sector such as children, the elderly and those with special needs. 

The volunteer process requires several steps, including identity verification and live video interview.

If you're interested in helping us feed and shelter the world with comics click the link below. 

Volunteer Application