All Day Breakfast Productions - A Not-for-Profit Publisher is looking for Schools, Colleges, Universities, or other Educational Institutions that believes in providing a strong and healthy environment for their students.

Raising funds for meeting your school needs is an exciting challenge. Nothing feels better than to work hard for a noble cause!

All Day Breakfast Productions have been leading the way in offering their expertise in raising money for educational institutions. We have the resources and experience to support you in reaching your goals. We have a team of volunteers who can arrange our unique healthy breakfast programs in schools so that students of any age can focus on learning. 

ADBP strives to promote learning by fun. Our team can help you organize events that are fun to do and easy to set-up. Off the Screens Challenge is an exciting virtual event where children and young people are given the challenge to remain away from their screens. Likewise, our Read and Color comic series are an ideal gift for young people to remain engaged. Virtual book fairs, sales donation days are some of the fantastic ideas that can help you achieve successful fundraising. 

We would be happy to discuss how we can support you in enhancing student learning by providing healthy breakfast programs. 

Please feel free to use this contact link to connect with us.