If you represent a school, college, school board, University or other educational institution that believes in providing a strong and healthy environment for your students, then you're the type of school we want to help. 

Do you have an existing or want to start a healthy breakfast program for students?

Looking for unique and fun ways to educate that keep kids interested?

Does your institution need help raising money and funding for projects?

We offer a variety of ways that you can use All Day Breakfast Productions publications to help raise money for your educational institution. 

We can arrange support and funding as well as volunteers for healthy breakfast programs in schools, so students of any age can focus on learning. 

With All Day Breakfast Productions - A Not-for-Profit Publisher, your school can host fun physically social distant or virtual book fairs, offering a list of fun and engaging material for students, with a large percentage of the sales profits being donated back into the school to support food programs and other projects that enhance the quality of t he learning experience for students. 

We are also open to other ideas and events and can discuss those with you.

If you represent an educational institution that could use some help fundraising, feel free to contact us any time!

Beyond that, we'd be happy to discuss how our books can be used in the classroom or in literacy programs to enhance student learning. 

Just use this contact link and tell us how All Day Breakfast Productions can help your educational institution.