All Day Breakfast – A Not-for-Profit Publisher

Mandate: All Day Breakfast – A Not-for-Profit Publisher, has a clear mandate: Entertain people. Regardless of social status, and use any sales profits made from that entertainment to provide funding to food and water programs that support struggling communities. We also provide one-time donations to groups such as food banks, homeless shelters, drinking water programs and women's shelters.

Furthermore, All Day Breakfast Productions commits  to producing fun and affordable entertainment to people from all walks of life. We do this so that to the profits can provide funding to food and drinking water programs in struggling communities. In this process we also strive to support independent book sellers and hobby shop retailers by offering fun, "print-only" content, such as our Read and Colour series of graphic novels, bringing fans and supporters back to shops each month to see what we'll dig up from the public domain next. We do this while also striving to always be ethically and environmentally friendly and sustainable. Though we deliver fun to people from all walks of life, we take this honor seriously and strive to ensure that the material we produce isn't just fun, but timely. Often this means shinning a spotlight on art and artists from the past, whose work has gone underappreciated or forgotten, while still being culturally relevant today.