As the medieval world began to turn from violence and Barbarism to reason and civility, one man stood in the way of such progress, Kram, the Barbarian!

Enjoy tales of medieval sword, sorcery and satire as the Mighty Kram liberates valuables from poor villagers and confronts an evil magic that will change his life forever!

This game is a development prototype. We want your feedback to help make the story of Kram bigger and better. 

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The Who's Who of Human Rights is a digital encyclopedia of historical figures who have fought for human rights, presented in a kinetic novel format. 

This is a free demo version. This project competes with all of our other projects for full version and updates based on fan and reader votes on our website.

This project is meant to be a respectful, stirring and moving tribute to those who fight for human rights.

Check it out and give us your feedback so we can make it bigger and better.

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A retrospective of my horror themed art pieces including my thoughts and inspirations on each piece.

View it now and enjoy all the creepiest, spine-tingling-est art pieces that I've ever created. 



The free-to-play demo version of Gassy Man, a game in development from All Day Breakfast Productions.

In Gassy Man our hero (Mike), must use his strangely noxious super power to defend the Earth from alien invaders!

Use the power of your own gas to fly across the city and knock UFOs out of the sky to save humanity from extraterrestrial invasion forces.

This game is in Beta and we would love to get player feedback to help make it better.

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All Day Breakfast Adventure land!

We've created a storybook world that you can explore, where all the characters from All Day Breakfast games, comics and more live together. 

Test out the Bets and follow progress as we develop over time. 

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