F.A.Q. and Submissions


There's something different about your work, is it CGI?
I assemble drawings, sketches, textures, 3D models, digital painting & photos to create my art. This is a technique known as Kitbashing or Photobashing. 

Do you own all of the characters depicted in your art?
Not at all. My art projects actually feature a mix of public domain, creator-owned characters and fan art. Ultimately I hope to use the profits from my work to support worthwhile organizations that improve the world. The real difference is that quality will be emphasized over sales, I don't need to clear a million above the expenses because I'm not greedy. I also won't have to take on ads and risk being pressured by sponsors to change content of my work.

So do you make art or comics or games?
All of the above, and everything in-between. Comics and graphic novels, video games, visual novels, animation, motion comics and a new type of entertainment that combines elements from all of them that I call an ALIVEBook. Of course I create art, stories and games for clients as well. 

So, if your self-published print material is print-on-demand, it's not collectible, right?
Wrong. I curate, remove and add print and digital content every one-two weeks. If a print or product has disappeared from the site, it is no longer available and you'll have to find someone who bought one selling online if you want a copy. Some of my books are only available from rare book sellers. Of course you can save some money by grabbing the items you want when you see them in the store now. 

So if you support public domain, does that mean that you have to give up rights to your characters and art?
Not at all. ADBP (All Day Breakfast Productions) does not retain rights to any characters and does not own or handle any property beyond it's own logo. I work with characters existing in the Public Domain, as well as my creator-owned properties and fan art and each publication (book/e-book/comic/graphic novel) contains copyright info. 

What charities will All Day Breakfast Support?
I have previously supported charities involved with human rights organizations, breakfast programs, artists support groups, animal welfare groups, food banks, anti-censorship organizations and medical research groups. What I will not do is put out a press release every time I donate a cheque. I know that's how other businesses do it, but that's honestly just tacky and I don't want to use a charitable group to promote my creative work. I'm still working out more specifics on this, which will be easier after Not-For-Profit registration is obtained. 

Do you ever hire other artists, programmers and models?

I am not currently looking for an freelance or collaborative partners at this time. When submissions re-open, new submission guidelines will be posted here. 

Board of Directors
More details here soon once the Non-profit is registered.