F.A.Q. and Submissions


There's something different about your work, is it CGI?
Yes and no. I assemble objects, sketches, textures, 3D models. photos and create something entirely new. This is a technique known as Kitbashing or Photobashing. Generally I will assemble all the source and reference material in photoshop and add additional art assets and digital painting to merge the elements together into one unified image.

So if you're using public domain characters, does that mean you don't get paid?
Not at all. My art projects actually feature a mix of public domain and creator owned characters. Just because something is not-for-profit or public domain, doesn't mean you can't or don't get paid. Everyone needs to eat. Ultimately I hope to use the profits from my work to support worthwhile organizations that improve the world. The real difference is that quality will be emphasized over sales, I don't need to clear a million above the expenses because I'm not greedy. I also won't have to take on ads and risk being pressured by sponsors to change content of my art.

So do you make art or comics or games?
All of the above, and everything in-between. Comics and graphic novels, video games, visual novels, animation, motion comics and a new type of entertainment that combines elements from all of them that I call an ALIVEBook. Of course I create art and writing for clients as well. 

So, if you only publish print material on-demand, it's not collectible, right?
Wrong. Every ebook, every book, every print, every canvas, every t-shirt is only available for a limited time. Since my print-on-demand products are only printed and manufactured as ordered, physical products are only made when a fan actually orders them. I curate, remove and add print and digital content every one-two weeks. If a print or product has disappeared from the site, it is no longer available and you'll have to find someone who bought one selling online if you want a copy. Of course you can save some money by grabbing the items you want when you see them in the store now. 

So if you are public domain, does that mean that you have to give up rights to your characters and art?
Not at all. ADBP (All Day Breakfast Productions) does not retain rights to any characters and does not own or handle any property beyond it's own logo. I work with characters existing in the Public Domain, as well as my creator owned properties and fan art and each publication contains copyright info. 

So if you are supporting public domain, anyone can use the art in your portfolio for whatever they want?
Nope. There is a difference between Trademark/Copyright for characters and for art. The character may be public domain, such as Robin Hood, so anyone can use them to create their own original art, but I would still own the copyright to any art I created with Robin Hood in it, just as you would have copyright to anything you created with that character.

What charities will All Day Breakfast Support?
Profits from ADBP projects after talent has been paid and expenses covered, are donated to human rights organizations, breakfast programs, artists support groups, animal welfare groups, food banks, anti-censorship organizations and medical research groups. These donations are decided on a regular basis (quarterly), and are shown and discussed among my supporters via my Patreon page. The process is broadcast via live stream for supporters only. What I will not do is put out a press release every time I donate a cheque. I know that's how other businesses do it, but that's honestly just tacky and I don't want to use a charitable group to promote my creative work. If you want to be involved in seeing what organizations I donate to, become one of my supporters at Patreon, where I share exclusive donation videos and let fans vote on donation charities.

What is ALIVEBook?
ALIVEBook is my term and Trademark for a new multi-media entertainment experience. All Day Breakfast believes in exploring the boundaries of each form of entertainment media and being on the forefront of new forms of entertainment media. ALIVEBook is the term I use for creating an entertainment experience that combines the best features of multiple media. An ALIVEBook combines features from books, video games, comics, movies, animation, websites and more to create a deeper, more interactive and surreal entertainment experience. The ALIVEBook name and designation can be licensed based upon a fee (a source of non-profit fundraising), review and approval. For more info E-mail here for more details

Artists, Programmers and Models

On the rare occasion that I do hire someone to assist on a project, here's how to reach me:

1)Artists and programmers are welcome to contact and send a link to their portfolio any time. Contact here.

2) I do occasionally hire art models. Professional and amateur models who are interested may contact me. Please include details of any standard rates and fees that you charge (gig would be completed virtually, I will send a list of 3-5 image requests and you would send them via file sharing) as well as a link to your online portfolio, if you have one. I am not interested in perpetuating the type of sexual harassment culture that is prevalent in other forms of entertainment, so I will never ask to meet in person or ask for something you have stated that you aren't comfortable with. Modeling is open to people of all ages, races, genders, etc. I Always enjoy working with cosplayers too! When art is completed I will also release permission to use the art to promote yourself and you can even sell prints of the resulting artwork. Contact here.

Board of Directors
More details here soon once the Non-profit is registered.