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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you own all the characters depicted in your books?
No. As a Not-for-Profit publisher, the company itself does not own any characters, those are owned by the people who created them, or, in the case of public domain characters, everyone owns them.

Do you make graphic novels or games?
Yes, our first creative project has been our "Read and Colour" print series. We intend very soon to expand that franchise into a digital delivery platform. Video game and visual novel development is a fledgling product line that we hope to utilize to deliver affordable interactive game and story content in the future.

So, why graphic novels and games?
We want to deliver awesome and fun entertainment for a good cause. What better way than to produce graphic novels and games? (Unless we started to make animated film ;) )

What charities will All Day Breakfast Support?
ADBP has a solid vision of providing funding for Food, Water, and Breakfast programs. We also pool the profits from our other publications to provide one-time funding donations to community relief organizations.

How does ADBP support artists and creators?
Sadly, many golden age creators have passed and were not even given credit in print when their work was originally published. We do our best to research and discover who the artists were in any content that we reprint and make sure those artists are credited. We hope to develop a program to support modern artists in the future, if enough fans support the idea.

How does ADBP protect the planet?
We love nature and 100% committed to protecting our planet earth. Our office is 99% paperless and our books are printed on order, conserving trees and paper. We are always on the lookout for other environmentally friendly options, such as digital options for some books, alternative paper sourcing, and the use of recycled or renewable materials. As of mid-2021 we will be shifting focus to digital content and delivery as our main product focus.

How does ADBP help with worldwide economic recovery?
We work in tandem with Lightningsource, the world's largest and most connected print-on-demand book manufacturer. Lightningsource maintains a worldwide network of printing partners and facilities. This means that every book that is ordered is printed and shipped from the closest available Lightningsource print facility to the customer. Local printing and shipping means that not only are shipping costs as low and speeds as fast as possible, but the portion of the purchase price that isn't retained for donation by ADBP goes directly to a business near you, helping support business and keep people employed as close to your geographic region as possible.

Does All Day Breakfast serve Breakfast?

Thanks for asking. Yes, we have given one-time donations to breakfast programs in the past, and do plan to develop healthy breakfast programs with interested school board on an ongoing basis in the future. 

We would be happy to assist you should you have any queries. Write to us at: , and we will get back to you.