Board of Directors and Staff

Board of Directors


Media Director - Self-appointed spokesmonster and media director, the legendary Count Orlok is known for his kindness towards good people and lets us share his castle as hub for ADBP office. As Media Director, Count Orlok creates a magical spell on media and journalists as he goes on a mission to help humans in need. You cannot see him but can feel him gazing at you, so beware!


Executive Secretary - Heather Gorman is one lady army at ADBP, keeping track on meeting minutes, important details and documents. Heather uses her knowledge and experience to consult and advise on gems from the public domain that deserve to have a spotlight shone on them once again, based on content and cultural relevance. She also orders Pizzas for us and 2pints of AB for Count Orlok.


Treasurer - Alexandra Harris is Queen of Finance at ADBP. She has a decade of experience in business, human resources, and finance management. Alex uses financial acumen to make sure that ADBP is financially healthy, and able to fulfil its mission to fund organizations in need.


Chair/Creative Director - Mike Gagnon loves to eat breakfast all day! He has worked in comics and entertainment for 20 years. He is the man behind the show. Mike volunteers his skills and experience to produce the "Read and Colour" series of books and advise on creative matters and content for ADBP projects.

Details on the Board:

As a board member for a not-for-profit, members volunteer their time and skills to direct our publishing operations and donations. Our shareholders are the public, and our profits are public good instead of dollars. Each board member is elected in by the existing board. Members agree to serve a term of one-year and may voice interest in being re-elected to their position by the board if desired when the board is preparing for the annual vote. Board of directors’ vote is held annually in February.

If you would like to voice your interest in becoming a prospective board member in the future, there is a handy form here:

A member of the board will contact you within 2 weeks of filling out the form to acknowledge your interest and ask any questions. Board members are not paid for the duties they perform as a board member of a Not-for-Profit. 


Rohit C. - Assistant Content Writer and Editor

What can we say about Rohit? Boy, can this guy write. Rohit originally joined the team as a data and research assistant, but it was soon clear that this guy was hiding some big talent. 

Suzon A. - Admin Assistant & Digital Researcher

There is no harder a worker than Suzon. As our digital researcher, Suzon spends his days finding valuable info and contact information that helps ADBP connect directly with organizations in need and retail partners in those regions to help lift people and the local economy that they live in, out of poverty. 

Sara R. - Art, graphic design and comics superstar

Sara is another one of those clever people with hidden talents. She helps us create eye catching graphics, logos and designs, but is also a comic creating powerhouse of her own. Don't be surprised if you see more of her work in the near future. 

Adeel K. - Web, IT and social media solutions. SEO guru.

Our resident tech master leads our growing web development and social media team. Adeel knows what works in websites and how to get eyeballs on social media. He is working hard behind the scenes (as of April 2021) to build an impressive new website and online store for us and can't wait to show you all of his hard word soon!


All day breakfast is always looking for hard working, caring and trustworthy people to help implement fundraisers, food drives, breakfast programs and other events. 

All applicants will be required to submit a vulnerable sector check or law enforcement clearance in their region, especially if they will be working with people in the vulnerable sector such as children, the elderly and those with special needs. 

A new volunteer application form will be posted here by June 2021.