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Apparently I'm equally hated by all sides of society. :D

News / 30 November 2021

Well, people bitch about the state of the world all of the time, and are often met with a "put your money where your mouth is." So I did. 

I got friends to help form a not-for-profit meant to support food, water and shelter charities. 

I invested all of my savings, once earmarked for a home, to launch, finance and promote All Day Breakfast Productions. 

In response, crickets. No media support, no fan support, in fact, it damaged my freelance income too. I used to make several hundred dollars a month in royalties from sales on my colouring books. After I announced being part of a not-for-profit trying to save the world? Quickly dropped to zero. 

Apparently Right-wingers/conservative/republicans hate me because I support socialism and believe that COVID is real. 

Apparently the left doesn't trust me or has no money or needs to keep their money for their own creative projects. 

Which translates to me being broke with ZERO support from outside of our board. Oh well. I tried. I tried my best. I'll keep it going part-time in a free format so that it won't cost people ANYTHING and I'll spend the rest of the time in my day making art and comics.

Don't know what I've said or done wrong or didn't do, but clearly, I'm not wanted and won';\t be supported by the comics community. That's fine. 

I love making art and will keep creating, even if the rest of the world wants to self-implode. 

here's some art I made recently. 

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What are we heading towards?

General / 17 November 2021

I’d have to say, the older I get, the more I recognize humanity as one cohesive whole, instead of the myriad of possible classifications we artificially divide ourselves into.

Maybe it's the wisdom of age or the watching capitalist society crumble or a combination of both, but it seems clear that the only real us vs. them scenario is humanity vs "the system" or the "Elites" or "The 1%" or whatever term you're comfortable with. 

It's the people in charge of the world vs. us, every regular person, every middle and lower class person. Every person living in poverty. Every person that has been excluded or unfairly persecuted or oppressed or held down.

I live with the frustration of seeing this and seeing that many people don't see it, every day.

Every day I'm sickened by the self-centered, self-absorbed society that we've become, where everyone wants to be heard and respected for their opinions, but refuses to listen to others or ignores the messages of others when they are truly in need and facing real world issues that require more than a keyboard to solve. Everyone seems to put their personal well being above that of others and their communities.

It's openly known, most people don't think that those in charge have the best interests of those who aren't in their own social or political class in mind. Yet, we still support them. We spend money in their stores. We keep voting the same career politicians who've never kept a promise, in. We keep being enamored with celebrities and reality TV stars, enough so to vote them into public offices that they have no business occupying. 

In Britain, citizens are heading toward a winter where government assistance is running out and energy and utility companies are closing up and going bankrupt. It makes the mind conjure up a Dickensian nightmare for Chistmas 2021.

Things here in Canada are a little better, unless you're someone like me, who slipped through the cracks of the system because once my teaching job went online, teaching positions were amalgamated and my job was eliminated. Government support ended in October and with my job eliminated, I can never expect to be called back to work, so people like me are left to scramble and make what we can with our creative skills and abilities to survive the coming Canadian winter. Good thing I know how to use a computer and a pencil. I'm sure there's others who don't, and if they don't have a marketable skill, are looking up how much to charge for pics and videos on OnlyFans or how much to charge on the street for sexual favours.

Is that the future we're heading towards? Where every woman (and some men) have to SUPPLEMENT, their existing income by selling nude photos online?

Things don't look much better in the U.S., especially since they pay very high rates for health care.

We fight each other all day online over petty disagreements about fictional characters and scenarios, but we can't seem to muster anywhere near the same energy to fight for to the change that we can all see we need in life, every day. The denial is beginning to border on delusion. 

We must be willing to fight for the justice and equality we want, or it will be taken by those who want to sell it back to us in broken pieces, for their own profit.

Here's some of my recent art, from Orlok Explains All Day Breakfast.

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Making Of / 10 November 2021

Self explanatory. I uncovered corruption and was left hanging. Got questions? Feel free to ask! 

Well I'm back.

General / 04 November 2021

So here's the fun thing; now that I've retaken over my personal blog, while my serious news content can be found at, I can say whatever I want again. 2 separate entities. My opinions do not necessarily reflect those of All Day breakfast. 

In that theme, I will say this, every time I leave comics to work in books or entertainment, it's because the toxicity and immaturity in comics culture is exhausting. I can't help but laugh at semi-known or barely successful creatives who truly behave as if they are a titan of industry or an icon to the masses. Comics is a small pond guys. You're back-biting and sabotaging each other for a fraction of a percent of a small pie, facing self-appointed guardians who think they are dragons guarding treasure when they are really Hermits guarding a shitty flea market. 

There are much bigger industries with much more valuable pie that take much less fighting and operate in industries that maintain some level of respect, with much less fighting over scraps.

Don't be afraid to diversify creatives, unless you want to be the replicable cog and bitch of large corporations who have forgotten your name immediately after hiring you.

That's been my experience anyway. 

Here's some art I made:

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FREE Read and Colour: Halloween Comic download

News / 29 October 2021

Yep, that's right. Classic horror comics of yesteryear, taken from the public domain and turned into a full-sized colouring book that you can print and colour while you read, or colour digitally. 

100% FREE - On Patreon now, just click here: FREE Chills and Thrills for Halloween! 

my biggest struggles with blogging

General / 08 October 2021

My biggest struggles with blogging is deciding what to blag about. I feel like the only obvious subjects are self-serving and salesy. I know I need to do self-promotion, but I don't want EVERYthing I do to be self promotion. I'm tried of writing salesy crap to get people to part with $5 for my work. So I'm a little stumped. A form of writer's block if you will. Conventional business wisdom tells me I should be making a blog post about every item in my store, but really? Is anyone coming here to read sales ads hidden as articles? I don't know. 

Share your thoughts!



Fighting depression and getting better every day.

Tutorial / 28 September 2021

Mostly thanks to this guy:

I was super hesitant, to say the least, at the idea of adopting a dog. I’ve been so busy  and stressed all through covid, starting a not for profit, working my ass off and I thought I didnt have time for a dog.

I was wrong and I’m making the time every day.

I think we lucked out with Max. He’s smart, learns quick and is a hilarious goof but totally oblivious to his goofyness.

He was found as a stray on the Mexican border and fostered with a family in Texas before he spent several days being trucked up to Niagara Falls for us to adopt him. 

I love my dog.

Stop Bitching about Changes to Fictional Characters

General / 15 September 2021

I get it. We all love our comics.

Some just love them a bit too much.

The entire genre of comics has pushed ideas of inclusion, acceptance and peace since it's inception. 

For some reason, our modern day fandom has a weird twitch when it comes to anybody redesigning or re-interpreting a classic character in the slightest way, never mind the furor that nudity or gender changes cause online, with people arguing and debating the merits. This reaction might some day serve some purpose, if it didn't devolve into name calling and digital street brawls over petty points. 

The fact is, when you become a warrior against change and chastise anyone who dares to take a different take on a character, you're just being an idiot.

You're using a change to a FICTIONAL person as an excuse to vent your own repressed issues and treat a REAL human being like shit.

Your priorities are fucked. The world is burning and you want to attack some artist online because they dared to make a Hispanic version of Wonder Woman or a female Thor? You can have an opinion, but just because you have an opinion doesn't mean you are right or that you even have a valid point to make. 

That energy could be much better spent on making the world a better place. 

Instead there are some people who would rather focus their energy on throwing a tantrum about race and gender representation.

If you make that argument, you're not an adult, you're a 5 year old. 

Those who do feel strongly about this subject and want to argue it or stop it completely should walk away from their keyboards an into the closest body of water...until the bubbles stop. 

That's all! Here's some art I made!

Thanks for reading!


Mike Gagnon donates "Authorities Encourage Witnesses..." piece to the public domain.

News / 18 August 2021

All Day Breakfast Productions Chair Mike Gagnon has committed one of his art pieces to the public domain! This means that you can re-use, post, share re-use, whatever you want, without having to worry about violating copyright laws, getting sued, etc. Go ahead, save a copy of this image and re-use it however you like!

To the extent possible under law, Mike Gagnon has waived all copyright and related or neighboring rights to Authorities Encourage Witnesses and Victims to Come Forward. This work is published from: Canada. This work has been released to the public domain and is free for anyone to use, publish or post anywhere, in any way they see fit.

How to protect yourself against cyberstalkers in 2021

Tutorial / 28 July 2021

by Mike Gagnon

Hey comics comrades! If you've been following the developments of All Day breakfast Productions as it grows, forms and takes shape, the very attentive may have noticed some details regarding issues in my personal life that I'd like to put to bed before All Day Breakfast takes off and absorbs most of my attention.

Not too long ago, I blew the whistle and got out of a situation where I had been blackmailed, gaslit and cyberstalked by a colleague for years.

Through talking about the issues I've faced and the trauma caused by them to my mental health, I've learned that I am definitely not alone. There are many people out there in similar situations, be it with work, like mine, or in personal relationships.

In the interest of serving the public good, I'd like to share some notes, templates and strategies on how to deal with this kind of situation, should you find yourself in it. A public service announcement, if you will.

Step One -

Go through proper channels and do not fear negative reactions and doubts from others. Especially if you are dealing with this situation at work. Narcissists and sociopaths are the kind of people who will act this way. They have probably observed and figured out all the chinks in your armour before you even realize that you've been targeted. These people create successful campaigns of personal terror by letting your own mind analyze and come to natural conclusions, then they prey on the fear that causes and amplify it.

If you haven't dotted your i's and crossed your t's, this person will know and will jump on any failure in process or personality that you may have to undermine your claim. Regardless of what may happen to your work or career, no job is worth suffering through psychological torture, especially when you consider that the ultimate goal of gaslighting is often to drive the target insane or to self-harm and suicide.

In order to escape this torture you have to do a few things; pay attention, do not be afraid, put your foot down and mean it.

By paying attention, what I mean is, use the bastard's techniques against them. Don't show that you are suspicious. If you think someone is targeting you maliciously, don't announce right away. Pay attention. Analyze this person the way they did to you. These kind of people are manipulative and methodic. Very often they have anticipated that you will eventually figure out what they are doing and have planned for that. Often part of their plot is to get kicks by watching you struggle to defend yourself and look crazy.

Realize you are dealing with someone highly intelligent, but with a brain that is wired and thinks in a way that you will likely never understand. This person expects you to eventually figure it out and watch you destroy yourself by trying to expose them. It's very likely they've already manipulated other co-workers and undermined some co-workers opinions of you with rumours and distorted information.

By paying attention you can determine who is manipulated by this person, who is in their “clique” at work and who is loyal or idolizes this person, who may be very charismatic on the surface.

Why should you not be afraid? – Psychological warfare can be horrifying, mostly because the person targeting you plants the seeds in your mind that allow your imagination to run wild with worst possible scenarios and questioning how this person could want to harm or destroy you mentally. These type of abusers count on you to create some of the ideas and torture from your own imagination to help you terrorize them.

Remind yourself that the reason that these people use secrecy to direct psychological attacks from the shadows, if often because they are cowards who fear confrontation and are deeply insecure. They aren't really confident in their feelings of negativity toward you or they would have handled their issues with you through proper channels in a legitimate way. They count on your imagination to wonder how crazy they are and if they are doing something to harm you. Often a direct confrontation will cause them to shrink away and disappear, until they find another target.

BUT USE CAUTION. Don't just explode and confront them at work. That could backfire and get you fired. The best thing you can do is talk with a direct supervisor and if that person does not provide a satisfactory resolution to the issues, then escalate it to the next person above them. If you want to prove your case and prove your point, the best thing you can do is demonstrate that you have exhausted all options internally to try to resolve the situation in-house, before going outside of the work environment. Again these abusers count on your fear and insecurity to keep you from speaking up and prolong toying with you. Yes, HR might side with them. Unfortunately a lot of work places will side with the abuser out of fear of word getting out and causing negative publicity or making the company responsible legally or financially for the emotional damage done in the work place. You NEED to understand that if that happens, that's a flaw in the person and company policy you are working for. They clearly don't value you or a healthy work environment. You have to be willing to risk your job, while having the confidence to know that if your employer reacts negatively or fails to support you, that doesn't mean you are wrong, it means the company you work for is more interested in protecting themselves and the business than their employees. If they try to convince you that you haven't been targeted or victimized and you know you have, don't let them intimidate you or cause doubt.

IF your employer does not take action to resolve the situation and you've exhausted all options, then that's when it is time to start contacting and considering things like police, lawyers, restraining orders, media, lawsuits and a personal blog.

When you know you are being targeted and have had enough, YOU NEED TO BE FIRM. Put your foot down. Don't make idle threats. Whether it is directly, through HR or work supervisors or online, make your abuser aware that you know of their abusive behaviour and targeting. Make it clear you will no longer tolerate it and if it continues, you will take action. Again, don't make idle threats. Follow through. If that person can't control their own mania enough to back off when exposed, make it clear that this is going to result in a public exposure of their behaviour with legal repercussions and DO IT. Don't let money or finances prevent you from defending yourself. DO some research in your area, you will likely find a lawyer in your area willing to take the case and add your legal expenses to any resulting lawsuit or settlement. This person needs to know and believe that you will defend yourself and once they see that the consequences may not be worth the entertainment they got from bullying you, they will likely completely pull away, because in reality, they are hiding their own fear of judgment for their actions.

E-mails are considered legal documents admissible in court. Very often an abuser will attempt to save face when losing control. If you have any correspondence via text or e-mail with the person targeting you, save all of it, even something unrelated or innocuous may turn out to be relevant and fit with some of the outstanding puzzle pieces. Sometimes it's as simple as the abuser setting up their target by encouraging behaviour or work methods that don't meet company policy or regulation. It gives them something to point to and claim that your work is flawed or subpar to distract from the real issue of their abuse.

Gas lighters often use the “stupid” defense in order to save face. In my case, my abuser sent an e-mail CC'd to the supervisor above them, that they had no idea what I was talking about. A very common gaslighting tactic.

I responded with a clear cease and desist letter, briefly detailing the situation, CC'd to multiple members of management and administration. It's not a bad idea to even CC local or regional law enforcement. Because the recipient will be able to see who was CC'd, they will know that you mean business. If this happens to you, you should do the same. Here's a template that you can copy and paste and fill in with your own details:

Mr./Ms./Mz./Mrs. {Last name here} – {Keep a formal and professional tone.}

I do not believe that you are unaware of your actions and the targeting you have committed towards me.

In the last {amount of time you believe you were targeted}, I believe that you have directed and targeted psychological abuse toward myself, by way of {in this paragraph detail the type and nature of abuse, targeting, length of time, and refer to any supporting documentation that you may have saved.}

In this time, my own well being and mental health has been impacted. I have {in this paragraph, detail the doubt, mental anguish, how the abuse has caused doubt and anxiety around the work environment and any impact on your personal life.}

From this point forward, you are to have no contact with me or involvement with anyone who may be able to give you further information about me. If the abusive behaviour continues or I am contacted again by you in any way, including a response to this e-mail, it will not be me who responds, but a legal or law enforcement representative. {Remember how I said not to bluff or make idle threats? Here's a great example. If you get anything, or even a weird message from an anonymous person after sending this, start talking to police and lawyers and pay the money needed for a lawyer to respond with an official legal statement requesting to be left alone or legal options will be pursued.}


{Your name, position, signature, etc.}

Let me reiterate, if they contact you after you send a message like this, don't wait. Get the ball rolling with the legal industry. I personally look at criminal charges with law enforcement first, as I have no desire to get involved in a battle with some gaslighting asshole over money, and police tend to send a stronger message that scare these kinds of cowards more than a lawsuit.

Do not back down. You do not deserve to be tortured, no matter how bad your own self-image is. These people can sense your insecurity and low self-worth, that's why they targeted you, because they know that those with low self-worth are less likely to come forward and more likely to suffer silently, because they think they deserve it. You don't deserve it.

Above all, save as much proof of your claim as possible, get real legal and law enforcement professionals involved. BE PREPARED TO GO TO COURT.

If the abuser is arrogant enough they will laugh and taunt and not back down until you have to go to court. Don't be afraid. Tell your story and the truth and facts of the situation as best as you can. Abusers count on self-doubt and that you'll be too afraid to move forward with the expense and stress of court.

Remember that if you walk away, this person is going to continue abusing you or another target and may become worse, as their ego will be bolstered by what they see as a “win”. They will play on your self-doubt and try to make you think your legal action is silly or frivolous or baseless. Don't let them get in your head or back down. If you do, they win.

Bring your evidence and trust in the fact that any judge has at least a fair sense of truth, reality and common sense.

I'm preparing for the event that I'll have to take my own abuser to court and thanks to the fact that I planned and did my due diligence, I have years of e-mails, texts, correspondence, evidence and witnesses and allies. I have no hesitation or reservations about entering a court room with this.

If you find yourself being targeted or tormented this way online or outside of the work world, it's a bit simpler and easier. Block this person on email, phone & social media. If they somehow reach you after this, send a cease and desist letter and start talking to legal or law enforcement representatives.

Above all, remember that the stronger you appear the weaker your abuser will feel. Often, a brave and positive face will scare a bully off, because they feel impotent and inconsequential after planning so hard to torture you.

IF you have further questions or would like to read more details on how to handle these situations, don't be afraid to comment or send us an e-mail and I'll do my best to expand on this topic in the future and perhaps in the community forums of the website.

Thanks for reading,