Article / 04 April 2021

Be Like Batman

By Rohit C. 

Batman is the outcome of a tragic moment in the life of a small child who undergoes intense pain, loneliness, and despair. He feels helpless after losing his parents in front of his eyes, just as we real humans feel when we lose our near and dear ones. Batman wears a costume and rides in a Batmobile, which is symbolic of his indomitable human spirit to fight for justice and equality. It is insignificant that Batman has no superpowers, unlike most other superheroes, or that he has sci-fi gadgets to take on any enemy. What counts most is his never-ending quest for saving human lives. He has the power of hope and justice for mankind behind him.

“I have one power; I never give up”. – Batman

Even if for a moment Batman feels like giving up, he is reminded of the bigger goal of protecting mankind. We all have been entertained for centuries by so many heroic tales, but what inspires us the most is when ordinary people show courage to achieve extra-ordinary results. That is what Batman is all about! 

“A hero can be anyone, even a man doing something as simple as reassuring...putting a coat on a young boy’s shoulders.” – Batman 

Batman uses his natural powers & amazing martial arts capabilities to defend the defenseless. He shows incredible strength and endurance while maintaining an astonishing intellect as the greatest detective. His actions are selfless…. he acts to protect those who can't protect themselves. He puts his life in danger to help those who are underprivileged. 

We all have a Batman hidden in our souls, waiting for the call that will awaken us, to become a hero to those less fortunate. In his fictional world, Batman is not the strongest or the fastest. He faces the same issues we all do. He has fears. He strives to be the best, but he fails. He gets old; he loses his friends. Yet, Batman perseveres throughout all of his battles because his values and morals are what set him apart. 

The scale of destruction that the ongoing pandemic has caused is unprecedented in human history. Not only have millions of human lives been lost, but also the miseries of many people have surfaced who are fighting for survival. This is the moment for us to be a real hero. Just imagine if everyone could think and act like a Batman, selfless, ready to come out of our comfort zones. Would it not help poor sections of society who desperately need our help to survive?

What this pandemic has opened up is the fact that mankind is living with unseen and unknown evils that can endanger human beings. We need to be prepared for any kind of eventuality. That will take scientific planning to ensure that our R&D is ongoing and well-funded globally. A robust surveillance system backed by WHO is in place which can predict what will strike us next. We need to strengthen health systems worldwide, especially in poor countries. Being able to produce vaccines and vaccinate billions of people on short notice is not child’s play. The global community should brainstorm under the aegis of the UN to have a fair and equitable Health Care system in event of pandemic overriding national interests and working on a common goal to save and protect mankind.

So, be ready to embrace the life of a Batman, his values, and morals. The climb will not be easy, but we have to start somewhere so that the world can become a happier place to live.

May the spirit and ideals of something as simple as a comic book character, Batman, bring love, hope and help to people and communities all over the globe!