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Living in the Shadow of Covid

Article / 23 March 2021

By Rohit C. with Mike G.

A year has passed but the Corona virus pandemic refuses to die down. Over 2.6million people worldwide have lost their lives. The virus is striking at will, ravaging societies. Never in living memory have humans experienced such terror from a pandemic of this extent. For the first time in over 20 years global poverty will show an increasing trend. IHME estimates show global poverty levels reaching 7.1% in the last year. All the hard work done in the past half-century by the global community to uplift poor people has just been erased.

How Corona virus has left a lasting impact on poor communities.

Poor people are struggling to survive in these difficult times, some with no food to eat, or no water to drink, while the Corona-virus runs rampant in their communities. They face the twin battles of fighting the pandemic and just trying to survive each day.

The economic impact of the pandemic can be felt with rise of extreme poverty mostly in South-east and Sub-Saharan African countries. India, the world’s 2nd most populous country also has large section of disadvantaged people. Many had just crossed the poverty line before the pandemic struck. As India braces for significant economic shrinkage at -9.6% based on World Bank latest estimates, it has another massive challenge ahead, due to the sharp reversal in poverty trajectory. India is expected to reclaim its title from Nigeria as the country with the largest number of extreme poor, because it would have added 85 million people to its poverty tolls in 2020.

Why relief organizations need support  until  Corona is completely eradicated.

Poor people need food, water, and shelter. With an estimated 100 million people pushed into extreme poverty, their survival is a big question mark unless relief work continues unhindered. Until the time large scale vaccinations reach the poorest citizens, we need to support with all our might, those who are working hard to save human lives. The only savior for many poor people is the relief organizations that can help them to stand on their feet and bring some measure of stability to those struggling with the least in life.

Many countries have taken urgent steps to support relief work as well as reach directly to weaker sections. There is urgent need to reassess the needs of relief organizations battling Covid-19 as crisis is not over yet. The scars left by pandemic will take almost a decade for World economy to recover from.

Why All Day Breakfast is a Not-for-Profit

The last thing we want to do is profit from an illness ravaging the planet.

The first thing that we want to do is help.

That's why All Day Breakfast Productions has taken a pledge to support relief organizations, to help struggling people all over the world survive and reach some type of pre-covid normalcy.

We feel this is the best way we can help others in need.

If COVID has taught us anything, it's that we could all do a lot more to help our fellow man, whether it is the neighbor next door or someone on the other side of the planet.

All Day Breakfast Productions – A Not-for-Profit Publisher, pledges to be here now, and in the future, to do all that we possibly can to help and support the organizations that help people on the ground level every day in any way that we can, big or small, because we expect nothing less of ourselves than that.