An Artist’s Statement

Tutorial / 21 September 2019

Like the title says, above all, I’m an artist.

Sometimes that means I tell stories with words, sometimes pictures, sometimes both together.

It also means, if I’m lucky, I attract critics and haters.

I say “if I’m lucky”, because these people are my only barometer to know if the message I’m trying to give is landing with the public. Casual supporters, even fans, are way less likely and motivated to share their thoughts on my work, but those who are offended or view my work with derision, those are the ones that are helpful.

I can take those negative responses and compare them against all the analytics of my posts, sales, etc. And make a rough estimate about the percentage of readers and general population that just don’t get it. Not that I do that often. I find that sort of thing mastebatory and tedious, but once in awhile it gives me some important feedback, telling me if I need to be more or less subtle with my work.

Of course I am saying this all a little bit facetiously.

However sometimes, in that rare instance, there is some truly helpful and constructive criticism. 

Rest assured, if you’ve made legitimate point with impartial constructive criticism, I’ve read, considered and applied to my work as necessary.

You’ll have to also trust me that if something about my work looks stupid, ridiculous or shocking, it’s supposed to.

Sometimes my art comes in the form of comics, art, video games, books, and many other things.

Like any other artist, I want my work to make you think. Every piece of my work is meant to make you think about areal world issue and examine your own feelings about the state of the world.

You don’t have to like it. You don’t have to agree. You don’t even have to understand what I’m tryin' to say.

I just want to make you think. Even if you hate it and tell the world how awful it is, it’s a win for me. I got what I wanted. I made you think, and I made you share that with your audience, which also made them think about it too.

It’s a win for me because I am no longer making the mistake of striving for fame and money. That path is empty. Been there done that.

An artist makes art and the goal is that it makes you think. Simple as that.

That’s one of the things I’d like to draw attention to. I hate that I live in a world where I feel like I need to write this. I hate talking about myself. I hate prevention (and predictive type that changes the word pretension to prevention) and self-absorption. I hate repeating myself and explaining myself. I want my work to do the talking for me. 

I don’t even expect people to read this.

I hate what our society has become. Hordes of zombified, self-obsessed people, competing publicly via social media for the envy of people you went to grade school with. Anyone creative is pushed into the slavery of constant self-promotion.

I’m a person. I’m just like you. I have the same fears and shames as you. I’m a human being. 

If you don’t like my work or understand it, that’s fine, it doesn't make one of us wrong or right, it just makes us different people with different opinions, and that’s okay. We can still treat each other with respect, even get along. At the very least we can treat each other as human beings with an equal right to exist and be respected. 

Go ahead. Hate my work. It’s fine, I just don’t have time to worry about it.

My job is to be an artist. To make you think. And I have more ideas to make and share than I’ll be able to while I’m alive. I just don’t have the time to dwell on how they are perceived, if I do that’s one more idea that won’t be born before I die. Some of my ideas will be bad, some will be good. Some you might like, some you might not, but rest assured, I accept you as you are in spite of our differences or what you think of my art.