We need to be honest and admit that there is a problem

Work In Progress / 29 August 2020

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“The system is not already corrupt, it is here to protect you. You need to learn some respect for authority. You’re not being oppressed, you need to respect authority and respect the fact that they are authorized to legally shoot you if you do not comply.”


Perhaps, but I know I got pulled over a couple years ago and the cop panicked, jumped back and grabbed for his gun his gun when I leaned over to grab my I. D. Like this guy was wound up and primed before he ever pulled me over. I was polite, honest, smiled, apologized, non-aggressive and followed all the rules and when he saw my face after nearly unholstering his weapon, he blamed me for moving too fast. Not all cops are dangerous, but cops that are so wound up that they are keyed to grab their gun as the first option is dangerous for everyone.

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So, I wanted to expand on that just a bit more with today’s blog to really drive the point home.

We have to stop fighting with each other. I’m living in a constant unending panic attack because I can’t believe how many stupid people there are or how quickly things have degenerated.  

We have to stop dismissing and vilifying anyone who doesn’t share the same opinions. We need to accept and tolerate the fact that everyone doesn’t have to agree and that their opinions are based on a life experience different from our own. We need open, honest communication.

We, as a society, need to stop passively aggressively correcting strangers on the internet to look smarter, and actually listen to each other.

All these damn dividers and blind loyalty, even using our beliefs to justify psychological warfare on the opposing side, or trying to gaslight those who think differently to whip them up into a furor.

We need total to each other openly, peacefully and respectfully to establish a bare minimum baseline of what kind of treatment is allowable and acceptable from a system toward its citizens.

I personally think it’s time we admit that that system was corrupted long ago and the the government, business and media have already been compromised and have been lying to us for decades at least.

These stupid divisionsand classifications thatwe fight over are the proof. Can we not agree that murder is bad? The there are no exceptions! That regardless of race, colour or genderhat NO ONE should be executed in the street?

We really need to answer that. If you disagree, feel free to speak up and be vocal. We’re not brining morality into this. No: “Well what if they did this?...”. We need to agree on what the basic expectations of human rights should be. 

I think that baseline is that nobody, regardless of authority, has the right to execute someone, based on race, gender, religion or suspected of a crime. Can we not agree on that? I wish I could seriously ask every person on Earth and tally the answers.

I think we will discover that there are a lot less stupid, angry, murderous people on Earth then it appears. I have faith in us that if we speak up, we’re going to discover that a lot of those creating divides and encouraging fighting between group are bots, nut cases or a small group of extremists (on both sides). 

I think we need to do this so that we know it as fact and have an absolute baseline. In order to do ths we need to listen to each other, regardless of inion. We need to stop dismissing people who talk about corruption as a “conspiracy nut”. It’s real. They have lied to us for a long time and when they convince you that the system is not broken and corrupt, it’s just them lying to you again.

Once we can clear this up, together as a society, we can determine what is best to move forward. Also, if there is a power encouraging us to fight each other over these divisions; who is behind it and why?

Here’s some new art I did:

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