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A quick update - I can't make the donuts if I don't have time to make the donuts.

Making Of / 27 July 2020

Hey guys, quick update. I've shifted my streaming schedule to Fridays and occasional weekends, which is also when I'll be doing promotion, videos, AMA's etc. Just can't maintain all the social media and promo presence and still have time to do what I do. I can't make comics and games for people to enjoy if I'm spending time every day doing social media and videos etc. And not making time for creative work. Just gotta set my priorities this way for now. I'll stream my live creation and behind the scenes publishing process as much as possible on Fridays, but the last couple of weeks have shown me that I'm trying to do too much for one person and I need to scale back and refocus on the creative process first or my creative output will suffer. Love doing these live streams and interacting on social media, just have to be more organized about it. Looking forward to continuing talking and interacting with all my peeps as usual, just saving the video content etc. for Fridays.