I don't care if you don't like my work

Work In Progress / 04 September 2020

I'm going to try to make this quick.

Just an observation. I don't care if you don't like my work.

I have busted my ass working my entire life to finally get my art to the point where I like it and I'm happy with. It's taken 30 years for me to be able to make my art exactly as I imagine it in my head. Creating my art every day gives me more hope, motivation and happiness than anything else in the world.

If I go back and look at my work I can clearly see an improvement.

If you've noticed a drastic improvement in my work, it's because I decided to re-prioritize my art as first priority this year before anything else. I'd like to say I'm doing my best art ever and I am, but I also am regaining a level of quality that was present in my older work and over time I had let slip because so many other stresses and obligations of life interfered. Plus, I have been holding myself back significantly for years due to anxiety. 

Anxiety kept me from taking the risks to even make the art and risk judgement. 

Thanks to the Rona lockdown and layoffs I just kinda snapped and decided that I don't give a shit about the criticism and opinions of those who may look down at my work, which has given me the freedom to express myself and create the best work of my life. 

Of course there are always critics. The internet and social media make it waaaay too easy for people to make random, insensitive, uneducated or just rude comments. Nobody makes artwork that everyone likes, so it's okay if you don't like my work.

If you're gonna be rude or try to hate and attack me, as everyone seems to feel that the internet is an invitation to do, I'm not paying attention. 

Don't like my female figures? oh well. Don't like how I make my art? That's fine, no one is making YOU, make art that way. Don't like my use of nudity? Get over it. No one is making you accept my art, but I don't have to let you try to hurt me with your comments about it. 

My anxiety is still there in full force, actually worse than ever, but it has totally shifted from my artwork and entirely focused on my personal life and the survival of the world in general. We are living in a mad house, so I don't have time to let screaming crazies loosing their minds over art slow me down. 

At the end of the day, I'm just not going to give anyone else the power to control my happiness, even if their behavior does irritate or trigger my anxiety and depression. I just don't need to sacrifice my happiness for random people who don't know or care about me and want a temporary ego boost by running other people down. 

Like my work? Cool. Don't? That's fine too, just don't feel compelled to tell me about it. 

Here's some of my recent art!

Thanks for reading,