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What is going on with Canada's native reservations?

Work In Progress / 04 March 2021

As those who have read this blog for awhile may know, one of the issues that All Day Breakfast is most concerned with, is the lack of access to clean drinking water on many native reservations right here in Canada.

Personally, I feel like the fact we can't provide the basic necessities of life to the aboriginal community to be an embarrassment and disgrace, on Canada's otherwise good reputation globally. 

Clean drinking water is a basic need that every person needs every day. Without it we can't even begin discussion to help solve things like food, employment, clothing and shelter, basic healthcare, the list goes on. 

Clean drinking water is something that not all Canadians are getting, in a developed first world country with more than adequate resources, it seems that our priorities have allocated those resources elsewhere and the aboriginal population is left to fend for itself. 

Here is a letter I sent to multiple contacts at the office of Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada:

Hi, my name is Mike and I run a Not-for-Profit publishing company. We produce comic books and donate the profits to food and water programs. 
We are very aware of native reservations, especially in Northern Regions, that struggle to provide clean drinking water to residents.  
It has proven very difficult to find details and contact information for reservations and band councils. 
Could you direct me to any kind of online directory for Aboriginal and first Nations groups? 
Can you offer any details on which reservations are struggling and in need most? 
We are particularly interested in helping provide funding to drinking water initiatives. 
Mike Gagnon (additional contact info redacted for this post)

As of March 4th, nearly a month later, there has been no response from any of the 5 contacts who received this message,

Will we get any response as to how we can help provide water to people that the government is failing? I guess time will tell.

I'll leave you with this piece I did this past December about the issue, titled: "First Nations Problems".

Thanks for reading,