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Apparently I'm equally hated by all sides of society. :D

News / 30 November 2021

Well, people bitch about the state of the world all of the time, and are often met with a "put your money where your mouth is." So I did. 

I got friends to help form a not-for-profit meant to support food, water and shelter charities. 

I invested all of my savings, once earmarked for a home, to launch, finance and promote All Day Breakfast Productions. 

In response, crickets. No media support, no fan support, in fact, it damaged my freelance income too. I used to make several hundred dollars a month in royalties from sales on my colouring books. After I announced being part of a not-for-profit trying to save the world? Quickly dropped to zero. 

Apparently Right-wingers/conservative/republicans hate me because I support socialism and believe that COVID is real. 

Apparently the left doesn't trust me or has no money or needs to keep their money for their own creative projects. 

Which translates to me being broke with ZERO support from outside of our board. Oh well. I tried. I tried my best. I'll keep it going part-time in a free format so that it won't cost people ANYTHING and I'll spend the rest of the time in my day making art and comics.

Don't know what I've said or done wrong or didn't do, but clearly, I'm not wanted and won';\t be supported by the comics community. That's fine. 

I love making art and will keep creating, even if the rest of the world wants to self-implode. 

here's some art I made recently. 

Thanks for reading,