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A Word on the Future of ADBP from the Creative Director

Making Of / 26 May 2021

Hey guys!

Words cannot describe how much I appreciate the professional, personal and fan support for what we are doing. The team we've assembled of board members and professionals is a blessing. 

We've come a long way in a few short months, from an idea I've been passionate about for years, to the reality of assembling a board and creating a not-for-profit corporation. 

The dream of using comics to feed and shelter people is becoming bigger and more real every day, and I know for me personally, it gives me the drive to get out of bed every day to do what I do with purpose, to help others while doing what I love. 

We've achieved a ton of accomplishments, but there are still a monumental number of hurdles to overcome and the finish line is not in sight yet. 

If you thought the idea of a not-for-profit publisher, one that donates all of it's profits to food, water and shelter organizations around the globe was crazy, wait until you hear what else is in store. 

ADBP Current and Future Goals and Initiatives:

Tax deductible receipts: Thanks to COVID-19, the application and verification process has slowed considerably, but in the near future we expect to receive all of the documentation needed for us to not only legally accept donations, but also issue tax deductible receipts. Imagine the potential! We will be exploring every possible avenue to ensure that those that support us receive tax deductible receipts whenever possible. Imagine that! Buying your monthly comics and graphic novels to enjoy, and getting to write them of as a charitable donation as well!

Kickstarter: A big Kickstarter campaign is in the works with exclusive items and amazing stretch goals. Our Kickstarter will be going directly towards overheads and operational expenses of running a publishing company. That means a successful campaign will pay our expenses in advance, which means that there will be even more profit to be donated for every book sold! There will be more announcements in the future. 

Reprint Platform: We're taking the time to make sure we develop a smooth and consistent flow of product before we open the doors to other creative talent. We also have limited and tight publishing schedules, while also loving and wanting to be a part of the comics creator community. To this end, we plan to open up submissions to reprint publications in the near future. If you have an independent comic, one-shot, graphic novel or miniseries that you feel is still relevant, or maybe never got the attention it deserved, even if it's just long out of print, we want to know about it. As creative director, I'd love to reprint an eclectic and classic collection of indie comics for a new generation or audience to enjoy. Tentatively we'd be looking at a system where the publisher's share of profits would be split 50/50 between the creator and the publisher, with the publisher donating their share of profits to a food, water or shelter organization in the creator's geographic area. 

Creator Owned Platform: Some time after we've integrated reprints and made them part of a well-oiled machine, we will explore opening submissions for new, original creator owned graphic novels. Again, things will be tight, our publishing schedule is limited, but will grow as we find great projects by great talent that we want to shine a light on. Again we'd look at a 50/50 split of profit with 50% going to the creator and 50% donated to a charity in their area. 

Increasing the game and motion comic line: We have lots of plans to deliver more fun and interactive content such as games and motion comics. Producing these things takes a lot of time and hard work. So does comics. Once we have our solid footing as a start-up not-for-profit, we will begin looking over opportunities to expand on our digital game and motion comics content. 

Future media and expansion: In an ideal world, All Day Breakfast will be a smashing success and we'll be able to seriously look at expanding our media offerings. Animated shorts and features are definitely on the "some-day" radar. Ideally, I'd like to see video game, animation and toy arms developing, with each branch donating it's profits to a different cause. I'd very much like to see a system where one branch donated to animal shelters and to stop animal cruelty, another branch would donate to charities involving missing and exploited children, as well as human trafficking, again another branch could support another cause and so on. Maybe cancer research. Maybe the food, water, shelter donations could be split between the branches. Either way, the idea is to produce more content and thereby do more good in the world. We want to support any cause that has equality and respect for the human race at it's core, regardless of race, religion, colour, gender, age, weight or anything else. 

A Comic Creator Support Program: I love comics. I'm a comic guy. Have been all my life. I have so much respect for this segment that I had to give it it's own heading. Words will never express how much I owe to and appreciate every comic book creator that came before me. An initiative I'll be pushing is to create some kind of a support system for creators. Whether it's a special program or project that donates to an existing program, such as the Hero Initiative, or something else. I'd really like to create a support net for fellow comic creators who didn't have any kind of royalties on past work that they had to give up ownership of in order to work in the industry. A system that could also provide paying work to artists in need too. It's a seed of an idea right now, but hoping it will grow into something beautiful. 

No more "Work-for-Hire", kind of: Everyone in the comics industry knows at least one story about a comic creator who dies broke and penniless because the publisher took the rights to a character they made millions on and gave the creator nothing, because they worked under a "work-for-hire" contract. That means you only get a flat rate for the work produced, and the publisher owns the rights to all of your creations. We're not going to do that. Contracts can be as simple or as complicated as the publisher WANTS the to be. Well, let me make this clear: We don't want to own your characters, so we have no reason to steal them. We are currently working to make sure that any time in the future. IF we use a work-for-hire style agreement, there will always be plain and specific language that the publisher does not claim or accept ownership over any character or intellectual property created by a contracted talent. 

A Cohesive, unified, public domain universe: We are only in the earliest of early seeding stages right now, but over the next 2 years, we expect to slowly create a line of new original graphic novels featuring public domain characters in a connected and cohesive universe. In spite of it's decades old public domain roots, the ADBP universe will be bold, exciting and original. Just wait and see!

And keep in mind two things: 1: All of these projects will create public good and fight the effects of poverty. 2: It's all public domain and not for profit. There's no "fat-cat" sitting at a desk getting rich here. In fact, the board in charge of the company are volunteers and don't see a dime of your hard earned comic spending money.

Living Wage: An initiative near and dear to my heart is the idea of a living wage. A wage that allows a person to have a life, a family, cover expenses and put away some money for the future. A staggering number of people form all walks of life and cultures do not have access to living wage employment. We are currently working with our small but mighty team to experiment with hours, deadlines rates, etc. to work out a system where each and every paid employee of the company is making a living wage for the region they live in (Living wage is different for every city, based on economic and social factors) and that future employees and freelance contractors make a living wage, because we don't put the financial spreadsheet of our company over the well being of our skilled and respected staff. 

Thriving Wage: A radical concept! Once we are successfully running a team of happy, appreciated professionals who are paid a living wage and not under the financial stress caused by employment with for-profit companies, we hope to go a step further and offer a THRIVING WAGE. This would be a system where we would take the person making a living wage at 40/hrs per week and increase their total pay while reducing required hours, thereby giving our staff more time to spend with families and loved ones and to enjoy the money they have worked so hard for. 

International Branches: In the initial stages. In the near future we're going to begin looking for and recruiting good citizens and people who want to make a difference in their community, by volunteering to run and manage their own regional ADBP office. Regional board will need to register as a not-for-profit or equivalent in their country or region of location and will have autonomy for choosing publications to reprint, as well as a voice in meeting with other ADBP representatives. We want you to bring the comics and opinions of your culture to the table and connect with like-minded people all over the world to share your characters and culture. 


Well, that's just a quick glimpse into some of the plans and directions that we want to go and what you can look forward to seeing from us in the future. As a volunteer Chair and Creative Director, even though I created the idea and founded the company, I only have one year to implement programs and set the company on this path for the future. I hope to continue longer, but that will be up to my fellow board members come election time in February. I'll do my best to continue to reward their trust and earn their votes, as well as that of the public and creative community. The value of my performance will be shown by the level of good we do, not just in the comics community, but in society in general. 

Hoping to see you all along for this ride,