Great Public Domain Comics for Kids online for FREE!

By Rohit C. 

The Brain

Comics published by Magazine Enterprises in the mid-1950s, the Brain is a series of humorous stories featuring the character the Brain. The first series has four stories with the protagonist Brain, who is a cute little boy, always up to something especially when he sees someone needing help. The moment Brain starts thinking about a solution, his brain gets zapped to create a brainstorm, which is a telling sign for the quirkiest idea Brain has! Like the time when he wants to impress his mom by quickly mashing potatoes, so he fills an old vacuum bag with all of the potatoes and starts punching them, creating a dust storm! Poor fella gets banged by his dad for his idea of help. Hilarious and quirky stories that are sure to make kids laugh. Check out all twelve issues available in the public domain at comic book plus.


Beany and Cecil

Published by Dell, the comic book series Beany and Cecil was introduced during 1959-1962 starring Beany boy and the serpent Cecil along with Captain Huffenpuff, villain Dishonest John, and others. Kids will have a good time reading Beany and Cecil's adventures aboard the versatile sailboat, Leakin’ Lena. Beany with a cute propeller on his head is up to a few tricks in the series, even saving them from losing their way while going to buy groceries as the sun starts to set. The gusty winds tear apart Leakin Lena's sails which do not last long after they repair it. Beany’s head saves the day with the propeller spinning fast, moving the sailboat on land! Beany and Cecil are fun-filled children's comics delivering wholesome entertainment. Collection of five books available online at CB+.


Coo Coo

One of the funniest children’s comic books in the public domain is the collection of stories featuring Supermouse and other funny animal characters with likes of Buster bruin, Parker Penguin, Jack Rabbit, Silly Billy, and so forth. They were published during 1942-1951. Some series in the Coo Coo collection have one-off character stories. Supermouse has a sci-fi origin, after two scientists brainstorm to create a super liquid, the mouse dunks his cheese in the super liquid. Upon eating the dunked cheese, the mouse gets all the superpowers from the super liquid and a super mouse is born. He decides to use his superpowers to protect the innocent and so catches rogue ratface doing a crime. Buster bruin is about a lazy bear who just wants to sleep, but his two little kids are always up to something and poor dad pays the price for their mischief. CooCoo comics has sixty-two issues available online, a massive collection of assorted stories, delivering unlimited fun and action.

Cowboys ‘n’ Injuns (Editors note: though the name is problematic by today's standards, we chose to include this title, as we believe knowing the past is better than burying it.)

Western genre comic books published in different periods from the 1940s to 60s, the Cowboys book features a group of cowboys each having their unique tag line - Jessy Jimmy is the junior bad man, Ol’Smokey is the tall tale teller, Cuckoo Sheriff is a crazy bird of Texas, and others. Jessy James is a young kid ready to show off his tough cowboy skills, only to make a fool of himself by his funny acts. Jessy James does not fear ghosts because he is a tough man, but the kid gets scared when the fisherman dresses as a ghost! The tales of Smokey are interesting with a funny twist at the end, forcing Jessy James to give a hard stare. Eleven Fun-filled issues in vintage American western style are available online at CB+.

Cutie Pie

Cutie Pie is a small, cute girl, always on the lookout for trouble. Her innocent thoughts are sure to make anyone go crazy, as are her parents. Cutie Pie is highly active and does not think twice before asking silly questions which she feels are right. Her mother wants to buy an alligator bag at a bargain sale. For Cutie Pie, it is a fun time as she thinks that the alligator is inside the bag and not finding one at the sale, she manages to create a riot by shouting alligator, leaving her parents with a hefty repair bill and a headache! The stories are humorous, cutely innocent for kids, and show kids’ view of the world. Only five books available online.

Li’I Genius

A kid called Li’l Genius is in a playful mood proudly showing his genius skills as his parents watch him, holding their heads in dismay. Li’l Genius' silly questions and acts are enjoyable throughout the story. In the end, he comes out as a clever, witty kid. As usual, his parents are speechless listening to his closing arguments. To release his hyper energy, Li’l Genuis' parents take him to a concert on the advice of a doctor, only to be told by the audience to leave due to Genius’ antics. On their way back home, Li’l Genius advises his father to buy ice cream for his mother, but his mother refuses for it was too easily a bargain for his actions at the concert. When his father offers to buy a hat, his mother is mightily happy. Genius grabs this chance to ask for ice cream, countering his mother’s no with his witty remark that it was due to him that she got a hat. A simple read, full of clever humor. A big collection of sixty-five books at CB+ is sure to keep kids engaged for a long time.

Little Eva 

A little girl named Eva does what she likes to do. She is lively, full of ideas, and ready for action. Each story in the comic book is written keeping small kids in mind with a unique ending. The stories are simple and easy for kids with an element of fun and creativity. Eva is a bubbly girl; she takes all of the stuff needed to go swimming in a hot climate. She roams few places only to find they are not suitable for swimming. She does manage to find a water fountain, some of her friends already enjoying the cool water in hot weather. But to Eva’s dismay, she has forgotten her bathing suit! Eva carries all the stuff back home, her mother is upset to know that she is roaming everywhere to escape from the heat. If only she would have used the bathtub! CB+ has forty-one books of Little Eva and her creative ways.

Punch and Judy

A delightful comic book featuring Punch and Judy along with funny animal characters’ assorted stories were published in years 1944 to 1951. Old toymaker Tony has made a boy doll named Punch whom he gives life by spraying his secret perfume of life. Little Judy lives next door to the toy shop and she and Punch have become good friends. Punch does not like being called a toy; his real self is always ready to prove that he is same as Judy and old man Tony. When Punch is sent to an orphanage to entertain kids, he runs off, creating a ruckus, and jumps in the lake. Uncle Tony and Judy rescue him from the fish. Punch agrees to become a good boy thereafter. Nice, happy ending with lots of action/fun. Kids will love reading thirty-four books at CB+.


Calling all Kids

Calling all Kids is a complete comic book with stories, coloring pictures, puzzles, and games. Wholesome entertainment and fun activities to keep kids busy all day. The main attraction is the stories of Marco Polar Bear (inspired by Marco Polo, the great explorer) and his helper Bobby Beaver as they travel across the world on their magic linoleum rug. During their trips to various places, Marco Polar Bear describes the special features of the country they visit as well as the country’s wonderful traditions. He also answers the questions of Bobby, like why does cheese have holes? CB+ has a collection of 28 issues available online.

Sniffy the Pup

The cute pup Sniffy is full of life, ready to share and care for others. Sniffy jumps to action upon seeing a baby cry, trying to calm him down. He feels sad about the flowers, plants, and the garden because it is not raining. He has a heart of gold but is hardly petted for all his good work. Sniffy never loses his calm and goes all out to bring happiness to others. When Sniffy is stuck in clouds, he begs the rain god to let it rain so that plants and flowers can get relief from the heat. He jumps from a cloud onto a rainbow to slide down to the ocean! The stories have great imagination like the small kids and share a beautiful message of caring for others. Fourteen books to enjoy online at CB+


Buster Bear

Buster Bear was published for a limited time in the 1950s as a comic book of assorted animal characters with the main character being Buster Bear. He is often caught in amusing conditions. It all starts when Buster and his friends are busy posing for pictures, even doing senseless acts, like his friend Cholly Chipmonk showing off his acting talents, as he wants to become a movie star. As they finish up, all are laughing loudly except for Buster Bear, for he is so silly that he forgets to put film in the camera! The stories are simple and easy to understand for early readers. Read all ten comic books at CB+.