Surprise release announced of "Trumpocalypse Now" video game

News / 22 August 2019



St. Catharines, ON, Canada, Weds. Aug. 21st 2019 – Comic creator Mike Gagnon is proud to announce the release of his first independent video game, Trumpocalypse Now; the story of a near future nuclear apocalypse where America's surviving politicians must work together for the survival of mankind.

A visual novel-style game, Trumpocalypse Now revolves around a fictional near future where America has been decimated by a nuclear attack and the only thing stepping between the world's most powerful country and ultimate destruction is Barack Obama...and Donald Trump.


The plot of the game revolves around former President Barack Obama and his mission to stop a mysterious enemy from destroying America. His only hope is to brave the nuclear wastelands of New York to recruit President Donald Trump.

“The first story arc takes the lead characters from the radioactive wastelands of New York to the remains of what was once Chicago, and ultimately to Flint, Michigan.” said Gagnon, in a recent interview. “It's like “The Odd Couple” meets “Grand Theft Auto” in some ways, but ridiculously satirical. They may just run into the Clinton's and other recognizable figures along the way too.”


The game itself is created in the popular “visual novel” style, with decisions that change the story-line of the game based on the choices that players make whenever President Trump has to make an important decision. The art is very detailed with comic book-style story and dialogue.

“It's like buying the first collection of a comic series, and getting the rest of the issues in the series for free.” says Gagnon. “It combines the best of ebooks, graphic novels and video games. I've got some hilarious side-missions and characters coming in the future updates.”


Initial release of the game contains the first three chapters, or levels, with new levels and side-missions added in regular monthly updates at no additional charge. The game is expected have 10 levels upon it's completion, with the final chapter releasing in roughly April of 2020. Instead of a level boss, players must pass a quiz pertaining to U.S. And world history, politics and geography in order to progress to the next chapter.

Trumpocalypse Now is actually the first of what Gagnon terms ALIVEBooks; Digital novels and graphic novels that combine comics, text, animation and video games to create an immersive story experience.


“There's a lot of anxiety about the future of America and the world right now,” says Gagnon. “Trumpocalypse Now is my response to that, it's a chance for us all to think and talk about the things that scare us about the state of the world, through the less frightening lens of satire.”

Gagnon says the overall theme of the game is that those in charge, world leaders, need to put their differences aside and work toward the common good of all people in order for us to survive long enough to have a brighter future.


The initial release of Trumpocalypse Now is available in Mac, PC, Android and iOs formats on the creator's website at, with wider distribution and additional sales channels expected to be announced later in 2019.

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Markosia Rushes Night Creatures to Print

News / 09 August 2019

St. Catharines, ON, Canada/United Kingdom, Tues. Aug. 6thTh 2019 – Thanks to tremendous fan response, Markosia is rushing Mike Gagnon’s horror anthology comic, Night Creatures, to print this August.

An homage to classic horror comics of the 50’s, Night Creatures is a three issue series that debuted in April 2019 as a digital comic on ComiXology and other digital comics vendors.

While inspired by classic horror comics, the series takes a unique twist, not just with the chilling tales being told, but in that the artwork is created in high-def CGI by the author himself. Each issue features a different chilling horror story written by the bestselling horror writer.

Gagnon is no stranger to the comics industry, having worked for companies such as Marvel and Dark Horse for nearly 20 years, as well as garnering 7 Amazon bestselling novels in 2017 alone! Night Creatures marks the first time Gagnon has worked with another publisher on one of his creator owned properties.

“Markosia has been wonderful to work with.” said Gagnon in a recent interview. “Harry believed in the idea and presentation from the start. The entire team really gave me all the creative freedom that I could have asked for.”

Night Creatures debuted as a digital download mini-series with Amazon owned comics vendor ComiXology in April and concluded with the third issue in June. Thanks to the great response from horror comics fans, the series is being rushed to a print collection, scheduled for release on August 19th 2019.

As the title suggests, the series focuses on a specific type of horror, with each issue featuring a creature from your nightmares.

“I’ve been a fan of classic monsters since childhood; Frankenstein’s Monster, Wolf Man, Dracula…I still love all of those old movies as much now as I did when I discovered them on late night TV as a kid.” Gagnon explained. “This is my way of showing my respect to all these things that have inspired me, while also doing it in a unique way that adds my own thumbprint to the genre.”

The Night Creatures series is currently available for download from ComiXology and other digital comics vendors. The collected print edition of the series will be available from Amazon and other book vendors beginning Monday, August 19th, 2019 and can be pre-ordered now, so that you don’t miss out on getting your copy.

More details about Night Creatures, Markosia Entertainment and author Mike Gagnon on their websites, located at and respectively.

Night Creatures on ComiXology!

News / 17 July 2019

*WOOP* *WOOP* Night Creatures is available on ComiXology Now!

News / 16 July 2019

Hey! Have you been patiently waiting for my new horror comic series to come out? Well guess what? It’s available for download from ComiXology, the whole mini-series! You can get issues 1 & 2 now, with issue 3 available for pre-order!

Here’s what Night Creatures is all about:

Welcome to the macabre world of ‘Night Creatures’, an anthology horror series from the mind of bestselling author, Mike Gagnon. In this debut issue, a hiker has a once in a lifetime encounter with a legendary creature deep in the American wilderness. The unlikely friendship is quickly turned on its head when a dark secret is revealed, leading to a bloody battle for survival between man and beast, or is that beast and man-beast?

You can find the series link on ComiXology here:

For more info on other retails and release date for the print edition, keep your eyes on this page!

Finally! New Prints Added to the Store!

News / 21 June 2019

For all of those who have messaged me about prints over the last 6-12 months, voila!

A new selection of prints for your consideration. A blend of my older and more current work. Available as high quality poster or canvas prints! Just click the PRINTS link on the page!

You can also click here

Having a great time!

News / 13 June 2019

Hey guys, just letting you know I'm loving the work I'm doing right now and I can't wait for you all to read it. I just finished a comic series for Markosia called Night Creatures and my own first original video game, Trumpocalypse Now! Both completely digitally illustrated in fully rendered high-def. 

Love you guys and can't wait to talk to you all about these projects at conventions and online!

New samples up at the FREE SAMPLES Link!

News / 10 June 2019

Have you ever wanted to try-before you buy for book purchases? Now you can! Are you on my website? Do you see the link in the menu that says FREE SAMPLES. Click it, you'll be taken to Noisetrade where you can get free book samples in exchange for joining my exclusive fanclub list that gets you more freebies on a regular basis. 

Plus I just added samples for my vampire thriller, Uninvited and my post-apocalyptic zombie satire, The Island of Dr. Morose!

Go check 'em out now!

Watch me play Marvel Vs. Capcom while I talk about my new projects!

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