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Apparently I'm equally hated by all sides of society. :D

News / 30 November 2021

Well, people bitch about the state of the world all of the time, and are often met with a "put your money where your mouth is." So I did. 

I got friends to help form a not-for-profit meant to support food, water and shelter charities. 

I invested all of my savings, once earmarked for a home, to launch, finance and promote All Day Breakfast Productions. 

In response, crickets. No media support, no fan support, in fact, it damaged my freelance income too. I used to make several hundred dollars a month in royalties from sales on my colouring books. After I announced being part of a not-for-profit trying to save the world? Quickly dropped to zero. 

Apparently Right-wingers/conservative/republicans hate me because I support socialism and believe that COVID is real. 

Apparently the left doesn't trust me or has no money or needs to keep their money for their own creative projects. 

Which translates to me being broke with ZERO support from outside of our board. Oh well. I tried. I tried my best. I'll keep it going part-time in a free format so that it won't cost people ANYTHING and I'll spend the rest of the time in my day making art and comics.

Don't know what I've said or done wrong or didn't do, but clearly, I'm not wanted and won';\t be supported by the comics community. That's fine. 

I love making art and will keep creating, even if the rest of the world wants to self-implode. 

here's some art I made recently. 

Thanks for reading, 


FREE Read and Colour: Halloween Comic download

News / 29 October 2021

Yep, that's right. Classic horror comics of yesteryear, taken from the public domain and turned into a full-sized colouring book that you can print and colour while you read, or colour digitally. 

100% FREE - On Patreon now, just click here: FREE Chills and Thrills for Halloween! 

Mike Gagnon donates "Authorities Encourage Witnesses..." piece to the public domain.

News / 18 August 2021

All Day Breakfast Productions Chair Mike Gagnon has committed one of his art pieces to the public domain! This means that you can re-use, post, share re-use, whatever you want, without having to worry about violating copyright laws, getting sued, etc. Go ahead, save a copy of this image and re-use it however you like!

To the extent possible under law, Mike Gagnon has waived all copyright and related or neighboring rights to Authorities Encourage Witnesses and Victims to Come Forward. This work is published from: Canada. This work has been released to the public domain and is free for anyone to use, publish or post anywhere, in any way they see fit.

Jeanna Harrison of Trailer Park Boys for All Day Breakfast Productions

News / 06 May 2021

Congrats to our Heroes for Causes Article Contest Winner!

News / 07 April 2021

Well, we went through the entries and it was really, really hard, but We eventually chose one piece that stood out above them all!

Our official contest winner is Saikat Goswami, who submitted a well written and insightful article on the history of comics being used to help with real life causes. 

You can check out his article here: All Day Breakfast - Superheroes & Society: When Great Powers Met Great Responsibilities ( 

Saikat also scored a cool $50 prize for his entry!

If you'd like to share your writing with the world for a good cause and score some money in the process, just keep an eye out on this blog for future contest announcements!

Orlok Explains April Fool's Day

News / 31 March 2021

Now more than ever we need to put our differences aside. The old divisions of race, religion, gender and politics will only lead us to ruin and not help humanity survive this pandemic. Help your neighbors, regardless of their social status, orientation or beliefs. Change the world, one person at a time.

A quick update on our status!

News / 26 March 2021

Well it does appear that we have a lot of news and updates ahead of us. 

We never expected this much support this early. 

We're still in beta stages and testing for our website and communications! LOL

As a start up that has to sell a product to raise money for charities, we aren't ready to report stats and figures yet, but we see the support and sales growing daily and we are so appreciative.

Also, the nature of the book sales industry is that we won't actually be collecting the money on those sales for 3-6 months, sometimes longer, so the support everyone is showing us today is what is going to bear fruit for our good work months from now. 

All revenues will be pooled into a fund for disbursement and we will be ready to make announcements for that in a few months when all the sales money has actually come in. 

In the meantime we have a particular interest in several parts of the world.

Being in Canada, the plight of native and indigenous people hits close to home, and we have a lot of issues to fix right here.

Of course this is a democracy with many voices and each member of our team is treated with equal respect and given a voice. 

In future our voting poll will also allow fans and readers to give their opinion on which areas they think we should support. 

We have an awesome IT person that's been building a database of relief organizations in need throughout Asia, Africa and the Middle East. 

We want to hear from YOU too.

Do you know of a place, community or region in trouble? Do you know any local organizations that need help providing food, water or shelter? If so, feel free to use out CONTACT page and drop a line!



Chair/Creative Director - All Day Breakfast Productions - A Not-for-Profit Publisher

Win $ and Share your Writing with the World - How comics help causes!

News / 25 March 2021

We are looking for a writer out there who can write us a great article about how comic books can and have been used for good causes. 

We're running the contest here: Talented Writers needed to write about comic books and social justice themes | Freelancer 

And someone will be chosen to have their work posted to our blog and shared with the the world, as well as receive a cash prize!

Check the link for full details and to enter!


All Day Breakfast Productions-A New Kind of Entertainment Studio

News / 24 February 2021

(St. Catharines, February, 23rd) Author and illustrator Mike Gagnon has established All Day Breakfast as a new kind of entertainment company. From games to ebooks and comics in both print and digital forms, there is something for everyone at

All Day Breakfast strives to create quality entertainment at affordable prices, and help those in need at the same time. 100% of the publisher profits are donated to food banks, shelters and drinking water programs. The Read and Colour series lets fans discover or rediscover classic golden age comics in a fun and engaging way: readers can colour the comics as they enjoy reading them. The books are available in a variety of genres such as; sci-fi, crime fighter, and wild west, just to name a few. Each edition of the series encourages readers to return to their local comic shop for more. 

Gagon explains “We are a people first kind of company. We are proof that you don’t have to sacrifice people for profits, and when people see that, your audience blossoms. From being environmentally conscious to preserving long forgotten public domain classics, we work with what’s already there to create something new and different and most importantly FUN.”

Gagnon originally used the name for his professional art studio, but donated it to the newly registered Not-for-Profit along with his own time and money to get the venture started after seeing the effect that the covid pandemic has had on already struggling support systems. The board of directors of All Day Breakfast Productions - A Not-for-Profit Publisher, will be announced on the company website in March. 

All Day Breakfast Productions – A Not-for-Profit Publisher, has a clear mandate: Entertain people. Regardless of social status, and use any sales profits made from that entertainment to provide funding to food and water programs that support struggling communities. We also provide one-time donations to groups such as food banks, homeless shelters, drinking water programs and women's shelters.

To see their full line visit Orlok, the company’s mascot and fictional Chief Media Officer is available for interviews and review copies of titles can be reached by emailing

Orlok beckons you enter

News / 18 February 2021

Ah yes, it's about time you were here. I've been expecting you for quite awhile. 

No doubt one of my underlings has already informed you, dear reader, that I, Count Orlok, will be taking over as the public face of All Day Breakfast Productions - A Not-for-Profit Publisher. 

No human, nor potential servant has the arcane knowledge lost to history, the practiced skill of eons or the wealth amassed over centuries. No human meal, could ever accomplish this. That is why Orlok, giant of entertainment, is the perfect spokesmonster for such a venture. 

Only Orlock has the skills to manage creating quality entertainment for the human masses, while also using that money to feed and shelter those same humans.

I see you shiver. My castle is not that drafty! Ah, but no, I know that what you shiver with is fear. 

There is no need to fear. I am not such a bad monster. Let your anxiety ease and allow me to assuage your fears. 

Do you have questions for Orlok? Comments? Would you like me to explain something for you in my comic strip?

You may send your e-mails, notes and messages directly to me, Orlok, using this contact form or by e-mailing

All messages will be responded to, but I do ask your patience. Even as a lord of the undead, this All Day Breakfast has me very busy, and answering e-mails only in time available. 

If you'd like me to post your message in this blog or answer it in "Orlok Explains", please be sure to include "OKAY TO POST" in the subject line or head of the message. 

Orlok reserves the right to choose which messages will be used in the blog and comic strip at his "soul" discretion. Not all requests can be posted due to time and content, but all messages will be read and answered. 

Orlok looks forward to connecting to each of you potential thra...I mean the future.

Good evening,

Count Orlok