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What are we heading towards?

General / 17 November 2021

I’d have to say, the older I get, the more I recognize humanity as one cohesive whole, instead of the myriad of possible classifications we artificially divide ourselves into.

Maybe it's the wisdom of age or the watching capitalist society crumble or a combination of both, but it seems clear that the only real us vs. them scenario is humanity vs "the system" or the "Elites" or "The 1%" or whatever term you're comfortable with. 

It's the people in charge of the world vs. us, every regular person, every middle and lower class person. Every person living in poverty. Every person that has been excluded or unfairly persecuted or oppressed or held down.

I live with the frustration of seeing this and seeing that many people don't see it, every day.

Every day I'm sickened by the self-centered, self-absorbed society that we've become, where everyone wants to be heard and respected for their opinions, but refuses to listen to others or ignores the messages of others when they are truly in need and facing real world issues that require more than a keyboard to solve. Everyone seems to put their personal well being above that of others and their communities.

It's openly known, most people don't think that those in charge have the best interests of those who aren't in their own social or political class in mind. Yet, we still support them. We spend money in their stores. We keep voting the same career politicians who've never kept a promise, in. We keep being enamored with celebrities and reality TV stars, enough so to vote them into public offices that they have no business occupying. 

In Britain, citizens are heading toward a winter where government assistance is running out and energy and utility companies are closing up and going bankrupt. It makes the mind conjure up a Dickensian nightmare for Chistmas 2021.

Things here in Canada are a little better, unless you're someone like me, who slipped through the cracks of the system because once my teaching job went online, teaching positions were amalgamated and my job was eliminated. Government support ended in October and with my job eliminated, I can never expect to be called back to work, so people like me are left to scramble and make what we can with our creative skills and abilities to survive the coming Canadian winter. Good thing I know how to use a computer and a pencil. I'm sure there's others who don't, and if they don't have a marketable skill, are looking up how much to charge for pics and videos on OnlyFans or how much to charge on the street for sexual favours.

Is that the future we're heading towards? Where every woman (and some men) have to SUPPLEMENT, their existing income by selling nude photos online?

Things don't look much better in the U.S., especially since they pay very high rates for health care.

We fight each other all day online over petty disagreements about fictional characters and scenarios, but we can't seem to muster anywhere near the same energy to fight for to the change that we can all see we need in life, every day. The denial is beginning to border on delusion. 

We must be willing to fight for the justice and equality we want, or it will be taken by those who want to sell it back to us in broken pieces, for their own profit.

Here's some of my recent art, from Orlok Explains All Day Breakfast.

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Well I'm back.

General / 04 November 2021

So here's the fun thing; now that I've retaken over my personal blog, while my serious news content can be found at, I can say whatever I want again. 2 separate entities. My opinions do not necessarily reflect those of All Day breakfast. 

In that theme, I will say this, every time I leave comics to work in books or entertainment, it's because the toxicity and immaturity in comics culture is exhausting. I can't help but laugh at semi-known or barely successful creatives who truly behave as if they are a titan of industry or an icon to the masses. Comics is a small pond guys. You're back-biting and sabotaging each other for a fraction of a percent of a small pie, facing self-appointed guardians who think they are dragons guarding treasure when they are really Hermits guarding a shitty flea market. 

There are much bigger industries with much more valuable pie that take much less fighting and operate in industries that maintain some level of respect, with much less fighting over scraps.

Don't be afraid to diversify creatives, unless you want to be the replicable cog and bitch of large corporations who have forgotten your name immediately after hiring you.

That's been my experience anyway. 

Here's some art I made:

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my biggest struggles with blogging

General / 08 October 2021

My biggest struggles with blogging is deciding what to blag about. I feel like the only obvious subjects are self-serving and salesy. I know I need to do self-promotion, but I don't want EVERYthing I do to be self promotion. I'm tried of writing salesy crap to get people to part with $5 for my work. So I'm a little stumped. A form of writer's block if you will. Conventional business wisdom tells me I should be making a blog post about every item in my store, but really? Is anyone coming here to read sales ads hidden as articles? I don't know. 

Share your thoughts!



Stop Bitching about Changes to Fictional Characters

General / 15 September 2021

I get it. We all love our comics.

Some just love them a bit too much.

The entire genre of comics has pushed ideas of inclusion, acceptance and peace since it's inception. 

For some reason, our modern day fandom has a weird twitch when it comes to anybody redesigning or re-interpreting a classic character in the slightest way, never mind the furor that nudity or gender changes cause online, with people arguing and debating the merits. This reaction might some day serve some purpose, if it didn't devolve into name calling and digital street brawls over petty points. 

The fact is, when you become a warrior against change and chastise anyone who dares to take a different take on a character, you're just being an idiot.

You're using a change to a FICTIONAL person as an excuse to vent your own repressed issues and treat a REAL human being like shit.

Your priorities are fucked. The world is burning and you want to attack some artist online because they dared to make a Hispanic version of Wonder Woman or a female Thor? You can have an opinion, but just because you have an opinion doesn't mean you are right or that you even have a valid point to make. 

That energy could be much better spent on making the world a better place. 

Instead there are some people who would rather focus their energy on throwing a tantrum about race and gender representation.

If you make that argument, you're not an adult, you're a 5 year old. 

Those who do feel strongly about this subject and want to argue it or stop it completely should walk away from their keyboards an into the closest body of water...until the bubbles stop. 

That's all! Here's some art I made!

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A Public Note to Everyone Involved and Supporting All Day Breakfast

General / 22 March 2021

This note was sent out to everyone on the All Day Breakfast Team (They'll all be on the staff page soon). I am just so happy that we have been able to bring this group together that I feel that I need to share it with our readers.


Hey guys, just a quick note from me to my freelancers. I am so glad to have this team. You are all doing a great job. I am so happy to have the dedicated professionals that I have found. I respect all of you for your skills and I could not be happier with this team we have assembled. The system and time zones may make it difficult to talk directly some times, but I want you to know that you are appreciated. It is so nice to have a team of competent professionals working toward a worthwhile goal.

- Mike Gagnon, Chair/Creative Director - All Day Breakfast Productions - A Not-for-Profit Publisher


Rich Reviews African-American Heroes on First Comics News 4 out of 5!

General / 07 March 2021

So pleased to see Richard at First Comics News reviewing African-American Heroes. 4 out of 5 stars! Click the link below to check out the review!

RICH REVIEWS: African-American Heroes – First Comics News 

RICH REVIEWS: African-American Heroes – First Comics News  

Available in print: African-American Heroes ( 

And digital: All Day Breakfast - African-American Heroes ( 

THIS right here

General / 11 January 2021

More Humble Bundle Goodness

General / 19 November 2020


Something to think about

General / 17 November 2020

My Art Theme for November is...

General / 01 November 2020

For those who may not know, my birth month is November. Yes, this November I’ll be turning 39 years, and as an experimental birthday gift to myself, I’ve decided that the theme for November will be...RANDOM! 

Like whatever I feel like in the moment. Ideally it will give me a chance to complete a few ideas that have been burning in my head, but all fit different genres or categories. 

Next month I’ll go back to the Picker Wheel for choosing themes and concepts, so if you’d like to get a suggestion in for the month of December and possibly have your message shared in blog or vlog form, drop me a line at the Contact Page.

Thanks for reading, and hope that you enjoy my random birthday art!