Stereotypical Artists Malaise

Article / 28 August 2020

I hate it. Hate it. Hate it.

Those moments when I catch myself living a stereotype of the artist or creative type.

Growing up, my entire life, my arrogant little self thought those stereotypes were ridiculous. Cliched tropes of the modern entertainment age.

Then I became one. 

It’s a strange paradox really.

When I was a young artist, I was insecure about my skills, but confident in making choices.

Now that I’m facing the fact that I’m no longer classified as young, ahem, I find myself feeling the opposite; happy and confident with my professional skills, but overthinking my decisions on every micro-level to the point that it’s hard to make a decision at all.

Such is life I guess. Super aggravated because the piece I wanted to do for Fan Art Friday today just didn't work. Everything I tried just didn't work. The concept was Batman psychologically being tortured by The Scarecrow. It was the Batman part that just kept looking like ass and seemed to fight me at every step. I haven't felt that way while doing art in awhile. 

I ended up scrapping it and going with a scene of just scarecrow that I'm working on now. I'm happy with it, it's coming along, It will probably be on my Facebook today. It is going well but it still bugs me that it isn't the piece that I had in mind. 

Here's some other art I did that's also technically fan art because it is of Count Orlock from Nosferatu:

Thanks for reading!