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Orlok beckons you enter

News / 18 February 2021

Ah yes, it's about time you were here. I've been expecting you for quite awhile. 

No doubt one of my underlings has already informed you, dear reader, that I, Count Orlok, will be taking over as the public face of All Day Breakfast Productions - A Not-for-Profit Publisher. 

No human, nor potential servant has the arcane knowledge lost to history, the practiced skill of eons or the wealth amassed over centuries. No human meal, could ever accomplish this. That is why Orlok, giant of entertainment, is the perfect spokesmonster for such a venture. 

Only Orlock has the skills to manage creating quality entertainment for the human masses, while also using that money to feed and shelter those same humans.

I see you shiver. My castle is not that drafty! Ah, but no, I know that what you shiver with is fear. 

There is no need to fear. I am not such a bad monster. Let your anxiety ease and allow me to assuage your fears. 

Do you have questions for Orlok? Comments? Would you like me to explain something for you in my comic strip?

You may send your e-mails, notes and messages directly to me, Orlok, using this contact form or by e-mailing

All messages will be responded to, but I do ask your patience. Even as a lord of the undead, this All Day Breakfast has me very busy, and answering e-mails only in time available. 

If you'd like me to post your message in this blog or answer it in "Orlok Explains", please be sure to include "OKAY TO POST" in the subject line or head of the message. 

Orlok reserves the right to choose which messages will be used in the blog and comic strip at his "soul" discretion. Not all requests can be posted due to time and content, but all messages will be read and answered. 

Orlok looks forward to connecting to each of you potential thra...I mean the future.

Good evening,

Count Orlok