Time To Pull the Plug

General / 02 October 2020

No, I'm not talking about my career in art and writing. You WISH you could get rid of me that easily. 

No, I'm talking about social media. 

I know a few weeks back I wrote about how I feel that social media is affecting society in negative ways. 

Facebook is full of adults acting like children, squabbling over the stupidest things and arguing like children over any minor difference. Instagram has too many "models" and nudies and is just distracting. Lost interest in Twitter long ago and have never taken interest in or dropped most other ones with the exception of LinkedIn.

I'm not going to explain why I'm keeping LinkedIn, because I don't have the desire to endorse them, but in general the conduct is a little more mature and professional. It seems to have the things I enjoy about Facebook, but not the negatives. 

I did watch "The Social Dilemma" on Netflix, but the ideas were in my head for a long time. All watching the film did was help confirm my own feelings and reassure me that I'm not the only one who feels this way and sees the concern. 

I'm not telling anyone reading this what to do. Use Facebook or Twitter or any social media you want. I hope it's positive for you, but I know personally that I find the more time I spend on social media, the less happy I am. 

So, I'm just dropping them. Not maintaining my Facebook etc. Any more. I'll try to set things up to update those other accounts from my LinkedIn activity, but if you want to see and follow my current social media posts and you are on LinkedIn, feel free to find and follow me. 

In the meantime, I did some art:

Thanks for reading,