News / 12 November 2019

Hey, if you’ve been waiting for Trumpocalypse Now  chapter 5 that was supposed to drop Nov. 1st (a Story where the political scooby-gang goes to Russia), don’t worry. I haven’t been assasinated by one of the world politicians featured in the story...yet.

But anyway, this delay is actually a rare circumstance where delays are good news! I’ve entered into a partnership with a publisher who will be taking over the sales, marketing and distribution of all things Trumpocalypse Now related.

I’m not allowed to announce who yet, but will soon.

So, chapter 5 and the remaining chapters have been delayed as the business end of things changes hands, but I’ll be the first to post the new release schedule of remaining chapters and other new media adaptations of the story, so stay tuned. 

Thanks to all of those who have been supportive, and looking forward to focusing on completing the creation of this series and possibly even getting it done faster because I’ll have a reputable partner handling the business end of things, allowing me to focus on the creative process.

- Mike