Article / 12 April 2021

What makes a great comic book team leader?

By Rohit C. 

Superman is the most admired ambassador of goodwill all over the world. He is the greatest “living legend” in a comic universe, entertaining us with his daring acts of heroism, and saving humanity from the sinister designs of villains. Superman was raised on Earth by his foster parents, who gave him the moral values of righteousness and truth. He has shown his devotion to the values given to him by his parents on numerous occasions with his selfless acts of safeguarding people. We can learn a lot about core human values from Superman’s belief of serving justice and saving humanity.

Power of Humility

Superman is the epitome of humility. He is the Man of Steel - the strongest, most powerful, and indestructible. Superman could easily rule the world the way he wants, but he chooses not to do so because he believes in human values. He uses his unique abilities, not to show off, but to help mankind. We also can learn to be modest in our dealings with fellow beings and to do our best for the good of society. Those who look upon us should never feel let down. Giving food to the poor is an act of humility. A captain who gives the credit to his team for a success, though he himself performed incredibly, is also humble. Humility makes us real!


Accept the things you cannot change!

Superman knows that his seemingly infinite powers still have limitations when it comes to ending all of mankind’s suffering. He cannot force everyone to stop injustice and suffering. Supposing that, with his supreme powers, he does try to force people to follow rules of the society, it will only lead to more suffering - ultimately leading to the destruction of free will in society. Superman knows that the world is full of people with good virtues. All they need is a champion who would inspire them to be good and do good, for the greater cause of the common good.

Leadership is all about people 

A good leader gets chosen by his selfless acts of goodness. People like to put their trust and faith in such a leader, because they know that their leader is always ready to support and guide them, so that they can develop and be what they want to become. It is a reflection of a successful leader when their people become successful in life. Superman is always leading by example, never expecting credit for doing good, but generous enough to remove the suffering of people. He goes all out to be like a human, knowing that his colleagues, friends, members of his community, the people of the nation, their dreams and hopes, and earning people’s unshakeable trust are all important. People trust Superman with their souls. 

Push your limits!

Superman is a great example of someone who has constantly pushed human limits of physical endurance and being good. We should also strive to become a better person, not worrying too much about other expectations. To have a better experience of each passing moment, whether by learning new things or doing things differently, is how we can push our own limits of excellence. 


Hope for good!

The journey of Superman is all about hope. He gives us hope that ordinary humans can do extra-ordinary things. Generations have been motivated by Superman’s belief in good prevailing over evil, truth triumphing, justice winning, and the hope for good. Superman is a firm believer in the idea that people are generally good, and that, if people see an example of goodness, then they will also behave the same. Even if the situation is bad, there is hope that things will change for good. That is what makes Superman an all-time greatest inspirational icon.