It’s good to have an outlet

Tutorial / 24 September 2020

I gotta say, if you’re out there, reading this, during these cray cray covid times, it’s good to have an outlet.

Mine are art and writing. The majority of the writing that I’m doing now is for this very blog. Even if no one ever reads it, for me it is very helpful and therapeutic. 

With my anxiety, it’s like all my insecurity and overthinking create some type of psychological cyst that grows and festers until the tiniest bit of pressure causes it to errupt and squirt out all the anger and rage and disappointment that had been building up and festering.

So, when that happens, you may see more frequent, more negative posts, but now that I’m aware of it I’ll try not to let it get that bad again. I can’tpromise not to rant, but I can promise not to hold back my thoughts as often or for as ling.

In all honesty, just writing my thoughts like this improves my mood and outlook and frees up my mind so much, it doesn’t matter if this is read by a million people or none at all. It’s helping me copewith the insanity and in this moment, that is enough.

Also, here’s some art I did:

Thanks for reading,

Mike Gagnon