Looking for charities and open source online communities to support

General / 09 March 2020

So here's the deal. I don't want my life or creative work to revolve around dollars. I don't think anybody does. I want to sell my work at a fair price, even share some of it for free. The work that I do sell, I want to go towards helping people and improving the world, so I want to donate some of the proceeds from my sales to deserving charities. This is where you, the reader comes in. Got any ideas? Know a group that fits that bill? Let me know on the contact page.

Beyond that, I don't want to use supporting charities to support myself. Modern business has become so greasy that I want no part of it. So no, I won't be putting out a press release every time I donate a portion of sales to worthwhile charities. I might post it here without any big fanfare, just to update the real fans and followers and let them know how the money they choose to spend entertaining themselves with my content also supports worthwhile causes. 

I'm not super keen to support charities where 80 cents of every dollar goes to administration and salaries either. I'd like to support as many real worthwhile and honest charities as possible. 

I also don't care to continue supporting social media and promotional or crowdfunding channels that suppress people and censor content. If anyone out there know of open source and ethically run social media and web platforms please let me know and I will review them. If I find them to be morally and ethically equitable, I will shift my content and posts over to those places as time in my schedule allows. Looking for alternatives to facebook, artstation, patreon, etc. So please let me know, I'm all ears, really, If you know of the kinds of places and services I'm describing or think you might know, just drop me a line here. Maybe I'll post a shout out in thanks or something!

As always,