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Division is Bullshit

Tutorial / 25 November 2020

At the end of the day there is no us and them, not the way we've been taught to see it anyway. There is us, one group, called humanity. We should be working together to improve life for everyone instead of tearing each other apart. 

Anyone using an arbitrary designation or classification to direct your action against another group of humans is the enemy. 

The idea of Liberal/Democratic and Republican/Conservative divisions within society is ridiculous. It's two wings on the same bird tied to marionette strings for our distraction and to keep us arguing with each other instead of looking deeper into the system that we live in, no matter how much we know the system that we live in is failing. Do not look behind the curtain. 

I know good people, not like Trump, on both sides. I know liberals who are great people and I know conservatives who are good people too. There are also horrible and bad people on each side. Every single person is following their own agenda and power and influence in groups can be very attractive toward someone's ends, so inevitably you are going to get bad people inside both camps working toward their own agendas. 

How do you tell who the bad ones are? Anyone using that group dynamic to sow division and dissention. Anyone trying to foster conflict instead of co-operation. If your politician of choice isn't trying to work with other politicians, regardless of what party they belong to, to improve life and solve problems, then you need to re-think your political allegiance. Simple as that. 

Attacking another side and widening the rift doesn't move the ball forward for either side, it just widens the gap until we have no ledge left to stand on and we all fall in. 

We don't all have to agree on everything and just because someone sees a thing a different way doesn't make them the enemy. 

The enemies are the people who manipulate the two groups against each other for their own agenda. 

Any division, any "ism", is stupid. Hating or oppressing, or targeting someone maliciously, over gender, race, color, age, weight or religion is just stupid, and if you can't figure out why, you haven't been paying attention to the world around you for your entire life.

People working together with mutual compassion and understanding is the only way forward. 

Jealousy of others success is stupid too. There's no reason for it. Someone else's success does not equal your failure or take anything away from you. 

Be happy for both friends and strangers at their successes, it looks a lot better on you than withdrawing or gossiping out of jealousy. 

That's all I got for today, so check out some artwork!:

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