Someone has made the mistake of giving me a purpose

News / 02 October 2019

I knew going into this project, that there was going to be resistance. A visual novel called Trumpocalypse Now is going to bring out those online critics who shit on things they never read from both sides of the major political supporters.

I’m truly surprised how much effort is being put in to make sure it’s suppressed. I was shocked when social media ads for the project were banned in the U.S.

Then I started getting responses from publishers who said “It’s great, you should put it out, but we can’t touch it.” 

“It’s business.” I thought. “They have to protect their bottom line.”

Then I heard from journalists. “It’s great what you are doing,  it our editorial department won’t let me cover it.”

I knew that was crazy. Clearly there has been a chilling effect in the U.S. media if they are afraid to even cover the existence of a satirical game called “Trumpocalypse Now”.

I thought “I get it. They fear retribution and need to protect their careers.”

Then I decided to use the revenue made from the visual novel to a charity that would help American citizens, and I was still being told by journalism contacts they couldn’t cover it, for fear of retribution.

So, from this point forward, if you contact me and tell me you’d love to cover the game with an article, but you can’t or aren’t allowed to, I am going to out you publicly. I will make sure that anyone who follows my social media or visits my website knows that you or your media company will not cover Trumpocalypse Now because you fear retribution of the state or some form of government body. I’m pretty sure that qualifies as yellow journalism. 

This blog post, that you probably won’t read, is your only warning.

Also, I’ve decided to extend my charity giving to my share of sales on ALL of my books and merch and extend to Oct. 5th and retroactively back to Sept. 30.