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Well I'm back.

General / 04 November 2021

So here's the fun thing; now that I've retaken over my personal blog, while my serious news content can be found at, I can say whatever I want again. 2 separate entities. My opinions do not necessarily reflect those of All Day breakfast. 

In that theme, I will say this, every time I leave comics to work in books or entertainment, it's because the toxicity and immaturity in comics culture is exhausting. I can't help but laugh at semi-known or barely successful creatives who truly behave as if they are a titan of industry or an icon to the masses. Comics is a small pond guys. You're back-biting and sabotaging each other for a fraction of a percent of a small pie, facing self-appointed guardians who think they are dragons guarding treasure when they are really Hermits guarding a shitty flea market. 

There are much bigger industries with much more valuable pie that take much less fighting and operate in industries that maintain some level of respect, with much less fighting over scraps.

Don't be afraid to diversify creatives, unless you want to be the replicable cog and bitch of large corporations who have forgotten your name immediately after hiring you.

That's been my experience anyway. 

Here's some art I made:

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