My name is Mike Gagnon, and I do not want to be the next President (or Prime Minister)

Article / 06 September 2020

As the title states, I’m Mike and I don’t want to be the next President. Since I live in Canada, I can’t. We have a Prime Minister, but let’s be real, I don’t ever expect to be a running contender for that either.

In reality, I don’t want to be President or Prime Minister or any other title with a similar job description.

To be honest, I don’t think the job should exist. I’m not just talking about “THE PRESIDENT”, though the last few years of events with my neighbours to the south are an excellent example of why.

I’m going to do my best to keep this shortish.

I think the entire system of a single decision making/ruling figurehead should be abolished.

That right, I said it: The Presidency should be abolished.

Here’s why:

When the idea of a presidency was created, it was very fine and valid for the people of the time. In an unconnected world, the decree of one ruler can only have an effect on so many lives. Things moved so slowly that it took a long time for negative effects to spread.

Today is not the same. When the presidency was created we didn’t have the internet, or a 24/7 media cycle,...or nuclear weapons.

Let’s set aside the big red button issue for a minute and simply talk about what can happen when a person who may not be mentally sound is given such a level of power that their choices have direct effect and repercussions on the life and prosperity of millions of people.

Just look at how life in America (and North America) has changed since Trump took office. Crashed economy, joblessness, racial unrest, murder in the streets, and so on and so on.

Much of this, if not created by Trump, has certainly been exacerbated and encouraged by him.

Thanks to reach of things like media and social media, the world learns news much faster than just 20 years ago, and much faster than 50 years ago, and so do the negative effects of a despots choices.

No one person should have the power to negatively impact the lives of millions on a whim.

Honestly, I don’t see the point of the position any more. If we are actually interested in making sure everyone is represented and included, developed nations should be ruled by senate. Basically the same way a senate works now, (each state/province/region votes locally for a candidate to represent the interests of their area as part of the federal senate, usually located in a nation’s capital)

There is no reason that the choices and duties of a president can’t replaced with a majority vote in the senate. Eliminate the VP position too obviously, and increase the security of each senator and have access to a community bunker for emergencies. 

Turn the White House into a museum and have it generate income from tours etc. (Basically the way it does now, but with exhibits like “the oval office”.)

This also makes it much harder for any foreign or domestic terrorist to assassinate your leader, too.

But beyond that, in a world with nuclear weapons, no ruler of a developed nation should have access to launch a nuclear attack on a whim. 

You can’t tell me that Trump is the kind of person who should have access to nuclear weapons (guys, if he doesn’t launch ‘em, he’ll probably sell ‘em). There’s been clear evidence that he is not stable and is not the kind of person you let play with any kind of weapon, if nothing else then to protect themselves and those around them.

The world hasn’t gotten fully up and running from the Corona lockdown yet, so there is no better time than now to take action and cause a major shift, as well as systematic change.

Regardless of which party to support it’s time to take action. If you’re a Senator or in a senior position of power, you need to be working together to approve having the secret service forcibly remove him to confinement for psychiatric assessment, then you can start working together to help implement a senate system with minimal disruption to society. Then you can work on healing America and lifting it’s international status back to previous levels.

Rule-by-Senate isn’t communism or socialism, nor is it anti-democratic, it’s just a better system for managing a large and powerful society in a modern age.

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