Some Sack of Crap is Impersonating Relic Entertainment

News / 27 October 2020

Hey folks. I hope that title isn't too click-baitey. I would think not, because it's true! Join me, as I have a story to tell.

So the other day, I got an e-mail in my inbox, I have pasted it below:


Job Title: 3D & 2D Artist
Company Name: Relic Entertainment.
Hours: 20-40hrs per week
Job Location: Remote/Work from home.
Pay: $65/hour

About Relic Entertainment:

Relic Entertainment is a Canadian video game developer based in Vancouver, founded in 1997. The studio specializes in real-time strategy games and is known for series such as Homeworld, Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War and Company of Heroes.

About the position:

We're looking for proficient 3D & 2D Artist to join our team here at Relic Entertainment who can work in any variety of areas such as 3D modeling, texturing, rendering environments, compositing, and lighting to create exciting and innovative experiences in 3D, with the freedom to create eye-popping work. We offer some online training if desired.

Job Duties:

* You will create graphics, and effects using computer programs and editing software.
* Model and texture 3D assets as concepted, directed and within production deadlines.
* Add color to images created by animators and work as part of a team consisting of compositors, color key artists, scanners, and color stylists.
* Utilizing Maya or Blender to create and animate fun and stylized characters/assets.
* Reviewing and revising submitted artwork for accuracy.
* Share your knowledge and experience with the team and be part of driving a positive work environment.

Job Qualifications:

* Be versed in Blender, Substance Painter, Photoshop and other relevant software.
* Experience creating 3D assets and architecture.
* Self-motivated and able to provide and accept direction.
* 2+ years modeling, sculpting, and surfacing using related 2D/3D applications.


* Employee discount
* Full health care coverage
* Dental and vision coverage
* 401k Match
* Flexible Schedule.

For Immediate consideration please follow the steps below to apply:

We saw your portfolio on and we would like to have a brief chat with you through our ICQ page for the job interview, you can download ICQ app on your computer or smartphone from the app store, and message Mitch Franklin the HR Manager on ICQ through his username (@RelicEntertainmentonline) to get started.

NOTE: ICQ is a simple chat messaging platform for workers like Slack.

Monica West,
HR Department.
Relic Entertainment. 


Exciting right? LOL well I allowed myself a moment of flattery before I scrutinized the message a bit more. It stood out as strange to me that the only contact info included was for ICQ. I decided to look up both names given in the message on LinkedIn, but was unable to find anyone by these names working for Relic Entertainment, on LinkedIn at least. 

I sent the following e-mail in response:


I am definitely interested, but I notice the only contact info is ICQ. Do you have any other contact info or references that I could use to verify this is a legit e-mail? 


I also took the liberty of contacting Relic Entertainment directly through their general info address found on their website. 

Here's what I wrote:


Hey Relic Entertainment folks,


I’m certainly interested and would like to interview for this job, I just wanted to verify if it’s legit.


The only contact info is for ICQ, so I thought I would verify, as I’m sure you know, there are phishing scams that impersonate a lot of different businesses.


I was unable to find any people from Relic with these names on LinkedIn. If it is legit, and links to these or other HR reps are available for LinkedIn, I would appreciate it.



Mike Gagnon


Bestselling Author, Educator, Graphic Novelist


I'm sure you'll be shocked to learn that Monica never responded. LOL. I was pretty sure that the original message was horse shit from pretty early on, but it's not out of the realm of possibility. I mean I have worked for a number of companies similar, even more of a household name, and I am pretty active on Artstation, so in spite of my skepticism I continued.  

Barely 12 hours after sending out my confirmation e-mails, I received the following response from Relic:


Hi Mike,


Thank you for reaching out. We've been made aware of emails claiming to be from Relic and SEGA with fraudulent job interviews and offers being sent out, and are looking into the situation. All of Relic's Recruiting Team is public and searchable on LinkedIn. We strongly encourage anyone who thinks they've received an email from Relic to make sure it's from someone on our team, and to reach out to that recruiter via private message if you're at all unsure.



Relic Entertainment Inc. | SEGA500 – 285 West 5th Avenue | Vancouver, BC | V5Y 1J3
Office: 604-801-6577 | Fax: 604.801.6578
Email: | |


See that signature line after the message? That's what a legit business e-mail looks like. Real HR recruiters are going to have any and all contact info listed in their closing. That was the biggest thing that threw out  fishy smell when I read the original offer e-mail. 

So I did not actually get a job offer from Relic. Oh well. I got lots going on as it is and though open to work, do not have a shortage of it. 

There are however lots of people out there who may get taken in by this scam. I feel like it's especially insidious as it is specifically targeting artists, many of whom are struggling right now or looking for a break and probably can't afford to lose money of deal with drama caused by phishing and fraud scams. 

Of course, the names could be fake and no one should try to target anyone by these names online, but if you get the same e-mail, feel free to tell them what you think, hell, even link them to this blog! LOL

Well, that's all for today, and here's some art:

Thanks for reading,