Quick update

News / 11 October 2019

Just to update all as quick as I can, super busy and a ton of work to do.

Not that I’m certain anyone is reading this or gives a shit anyway.

Pissed and disappointed for all the cowardly resistance I’m getting about Trumpocalypse Now.

With Facebook blocking and censoring ads. Journalists, reviewers and publishers all saying they love the story, but can’t risk being associated with it for fear of some kind of retribution.

Even trying to use money from sales to donate to charity and worthwhile causes has brought hurdles, sabotage and self-appointed gatekeepers.

Certain people seem to think that no one should be allowed to create political satire any more.

Getting lots of resistance from a number of sales channels too.

That’s fine. If the only thing keeping people from actually being able to read it is money, I’ll make the series for free. Crazy? Maybe. But there’s no way I’ll allow myself to be backed down and set a precedent that I can be pressured or intimidated into silence. Especially when the most basic type of humour and satire is being suppressed.

So I’ll be releasing the issues for free, it’s going to involve a lot of work and it won’t happen over night, but by the time issue 5 comes out, the series will be available for free.

- Mike