I have lost faith

Article / 26 August 2020

Hey guys, is it just me, or is the future of civilization up in the air more than ever before.

I mean, I’ve been smugly implying that we were watching the decline of civilization at dinner parties for at least 2 decades, but now, I really believe it. I mean, I believed it before, but now I really, really, believe it.

I know I’ve been mentioning that my anxiety is out of control recently, and this is one reason why.

My entire life, I’ve always had a sense that the future of the human race, though unwritten, could be pre-ordained, if you will, based on the predictable response of human behaviour oven a given length of time. Not that our civilization could have been anticipated, per se, but that if given the facts of everything that has happened before our civilization, that one could have predicted that a civilization, such as ours, would form.

One could logically predict which governments would be in power, how people would behave, etc.

I don’t feel that way any more.

I have never felt more uncertain of the future of civilization as I do now. I feel like anything could happen, nothing would surprise me, and whatever it is will be unexpected.

I have literally never experienced this depth of terror my life.

I feel like the average person has really been ripped off worldwide.

I’m sure you’ve heard of the concept of the “social contract”, but if not it as follows: the unwritten rules of human social interaction that we respect and abide by when interacting with other humans. Basic manners, respect, social etiquette, etc.

Well, the people in charge of our society; the politicians, the corporate class, the 1%, or whatever else you wanna call the people who make the decisions that stear the ship of society have been violating a social contract with us. That social contract was that as long as we did our part, stayed in line, conformed to the parameters of society, that we would be okay. That our social systems would be in place to help us if needed. The whole basis of having a civilization that would create the concept of a city, is that a person in that society can forgo hunting and gathering for himself and his family by paying someone else to do it for us, with money that we would make by working for someone else and help them make money so that they also don’t have to hunt and gather for themselves anymore. Everyone gets money and can provide for their family. Theoretically most involved will experience an increase in liesure time as a return on the investment of the time they would have spent doing their own hunting and gathering.

Gradually, over time, somehow the powers that be convinced us to add a clause to that social contract that said that if we devoted more time and energy to the employers, if we worked harder and helped them make more and more money, that we’d be okay and would always have the resources to care for ourselves and loved ones.

And then, along the way the employers and leaders took us out to the strip joint, got us drunk and convinced us to sign an addendum to that contract that said that if we devoted our lives and energy and loyalty to the company. If we gave up our hopes and dreams and aspirations and instead, gave them those years, the best years of our lives, that we would be taken care of. We would always be able to provide for ourselves and loved ones, even if we had to sacrifice much of our time with our loved ones, the extra money that they would pay for that sacrifice of time with loved ones would be more than enough to keep them safe and happy while you were away working for them.

Even though we knew that it was dirty and under-handed, and we felt embarassed and taken advantage of, that at least, at least the systems that we rely on to run a society would be there when we needed them.

That was the social contract that many people all over the world, under different types of structures and leadership, lived under.

It’s time we admit out loud that those that we have put in charge of society with our votes and our dollars have broken their social contract with us.

Since the industrial revolution, humanity has made the compromise that if we shirk our own hunting and gathering duties to work for someone else, that there would be a social structure and infrastructure to help support, care for, and facilitate life.

That seems to have gone out the window because our social systems have been failing and degrading long before the added stresses of the Corona Virus hit them. We are at a tipping point where people who work 60+ hours per week can’t afford to pay living expenses, feed a family or even have any security that the job will still be there a week later. The corporate and political class have become so corrupt and greedy that they just don’t care anymore. When someone speaks up, they are just paid off, fired or eliminated. And we know it. 

In the arrogance of greed, they fail to realize that now that we know how poorly they have been doing their jobs and failing to keep those support structures for the working class in place, there is little to no incentive for the citizens to continue to support the system.

We are literally equally as well off taking our own hunting, gathering, farming, building and medical responsibilities into our own hands, and doing whatever we want to do, anything we are passionate about, in our free time around those responsibilities. 

I think we should all become farmers and barter with each other.

Oh, btw, here’s some new art!

Thanks for reading,