Trumpocalypse Now to help bring clean water to Flint, Michigan

News / 01 October 2019



St. Catharines, ON, Canada, Tues. Oct. 1st 2019 – When issue 4 of Mike Gagnon's independent visual novel series, Trumpocalypse Now, drops on October 1st, the creator will donate his share of sales to the Flint Water Fund.

The visual novel series debuted in August of 2019, with a new chapter being released each month. Like a video game combined with a graphic novel, a visual novel is a digital comic that is "playable". In the case of Trumpocalypse Now, readers determine what happens in the story line by making survival and mission choices for Donald Trump.

The story is an obvious political satire that blends elements of comics, horror, science fiction, and world events. The plot centers around a motley crew of political leaders who have survived America's nuclear apocalypse. Their mysterious enemy plans to finish off what is left of the once mighty nation, so Donald Trump and Barack Obama, along with Bill and Hillary Clinton, must put their differences aside to embark on a worldwide mission to save America.  

“I always knew that this series was going to be a vehicle to help others that are suffering with real issues.” said Gagnon, in a recent interview. “We touched on the Flint Michigan Water Crisis in issue 3, but I knew that wasn't enough. It's a real issue that many people have forgotten or were never aware of. It's beyond unacceptable that there is a city is the most powerful country in the world that has been struggling to provide clean drinking water to its citizens since 2014”

Gagnon has pledged his share of one-day sales royalties for all 4 issues of the series that have been released on October 1st, the day that the fourth issue will be released. The series is scheduled for 10 issues, expected to conclude in April of 2020.

“It can be difficult for comic and game fans to risk their hard earned money on an unknown creator or project, so we've made issue #4 double-sized with a price of $1.99, to help remove the barrier to entry as much as possible for new readers” says Gagnon. “The whole point of the series is to emphasize putting our differences aside and helping people with real issues."


In issue #4 the cast arrives in Canada on their way to Russia and meet with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Ontario Premiere Doug Ford. Canadian himself, Gagnon promises that no satirical punches will be pulled in favor of his fellow canucks. 

The Flint Michigan Water Crisis began in early 2014, after the city changed the water source for their water system from Lake Huron to the Flint River. Due to improper water treatment, lead began leaching from the pipes in the cities water system causing severe illness in thousands of residents, several death and nearly 100 people diagnosed with Legionnaires Disease due to lead poisoning. The city has been working to fix the issue since 2016, but today there are still thousands of people without access to safe water in their homes and many lead pipes still exist in the water system.


“There's no way in good conscience that I could touch on the subject and remind people that this issue still exists, without doing something to help.” said Gagnon.

The satirical series has not shied away from controversial subjects in it's first four issues, tackling issues such as the mistreatment of Native Americans, legalization of the sex industry, The Flint Water Crisis and the legalization of Marijuana. Gagnon promises that the series will continue to take an unflinching look at real social issues through the filter of over-the-top humor, similar in spirit to Team America or South Park.

You can support the Flint Water Fund directly by donating online at

Trumpocalypse Now #4, the Canada issue, will be released on October 1st, 2019. Readers and the curious can download their own copy for just $1.99 at,,, and with 100% of the creators royalties being donated to the Flint Water Fund.

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