Article / 09 April 2021

Real Life Teamwork Inspired by Superheroes

By Rohit C. 

The surreal world of the cinematic universe is alive and kicking, but for supervillains, who are on a rampage to capture earth, causing catastrophic destruction, the end of the world is near. Humanity is waiting anxiously for their superheroes to arrive and save their world from falling into the hands of the villains looking for power and revenge.

Welcome to the worlds of the Avengers and Justice League!

Apart from the visual delights of high-octane action scenes and the engrossing storylines, what is unique to both movies is the greater themes of community and team spirit. In a newly formed community or group, it takes time for members to adapt to each other’s whims and fancies, even though you’re working together for the greater good of your community.

The Avengers and Justice League are no different. The first impression you get upon seeing them is that of somewhat alien-like, sci-fi super creatures, just doing their job that is for the greater cause of protecting humanity. Some are still connecting to the thought of working in a group, while others are moving freely, connecting with their fellow team members. It is obvious that they are trying hard to appear like a team, but that spark is missing! It takes a selfless sacrifice of one of the fellow members to ignite the spark in their thoughts, actions, and spirit, in order to remind them of why they exist as a team and of their ultimate goal.  

Know Your Team Inside out

To become a team like the Avengers/Justice League, everyone should have a deep awareness of their team members. We know that Captain America has strong leadership qualities, to lead his team into extremely dangerous battles, with almost no chance of survival, and yet still win his battles. Thor, the God of Thunder, is ready to die for his beloved Earth. The green monster Hulk is the creation of gamma radiation; he has massive strength smashing things around. We also get that Iron Man, aka Tony Stark, is brash, witty, very resourceful, highly intelligent, and has a heart that glows blue!

As they come together for the first time, it is with hesitation that they see each other. Time is precious, so they engage in meaningful conversations, as well as avoid conflicts, to shorten their learning curve and gain an understanding of their teammate unique skills and vulnerabilities.

A Common Goal

Superheroes have a common goal. That is to save humanity. They also know that, without teamwork, this goal is just a dream. A team having a common goal can easily ignore trivial issues, instead focussing on tasks that need to be accomplished in order for the team to achieve their ultimate goal.

Replace “I” with “We”

‘I know everything’ type mindsets can destroy a team before they even start working as a team. Everyone has their blind spots. Listening to everyone in the group, getting their insights, is a hallmark of a great team. The Avengers are not six superheroes or six teams at work – it is only ONE team that saves the day. A group of people can surely accomplish a lot. However, we can only accomplish the goal if we work as “ONE” team.


The Avengers and Justice League are not just superhero movies meant to entertain us. If we look at it from a different perspective, they also show us how, in real life, whatever the obstacles, pain, or suffering may be, if we have strong determination, right intentions, and a greater cause for the common good, we, as a team, can achieve anything which, as an individual, would be next to impossible. Great teams have great team spirit!