I Think I’m Over-Stimulated

Work In Progress / 02 September 2020

A big part of my anxiety issue is that the more time that I spend on social media the more disgusted I am with people and am convinced the world is ending.

It made me think about how thoughts and opinions can be influenced by the content hat we consume.

Surely, it must be more likely that social media is presenting and sensationalizing world news for more extreme content, and that my feeling of imminent dread that the world is being destroyed by stupid people is exaggerated.

And that made me think about not just how the content you consume affects you, but how much content I consume. I don’t have a moment in the day that my brain is not exposed to content that I’m taking in.

Making art in the morning? A Slapped Ham video is playing in the background. Cleaning the house? Hey Google, Play a Most Amazing Top 10s playlist. Writing a blog? There are a million documentaries I can play at the tip of my fingers. Going for a walk? Audible. Getting ready for bed? Scary Mysteries. And on and on and on, everywhere you go there’s another screen, another ad. I do my work digitally, so I’m always in front of a screen when I’m working anyway.

And then at night, I can’t sleep. Like my brain is so used to and addicted to such a constant flow of stimuli that it can’t wind down.

It’s so strange as I know I wasn’t always like this. I feel like it’s new, but I’m not sure when it started.

It’s like I’m addicted to constant audio visual input, so much so that I feel like I’m depressed or withdrawing from the world if I don’t have a screen on near me.

I think it’s because I spend more time in front of screens than I do away from them, and now my brain thinks that the screen world is the real world and that the device or screen is necessary for me to interact with the world around me or express myself.

Luckily I’m not far along enough to believe that. I know that the world outside my window is the real one, not the world of windows.

I recognize that this is an addiction and am determined to slowly ween myself back into the real world and spend less time on screens and especially the cesspool that is social media.

Also, here’s some art I made today!

Thanks for reading,