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A quick update on our status!

News / 26 March 2021

Well it does appear that we have a lot of news and updates ahead of us. 

We never expected this much support this early. 

We're still in beta stages and testing for our website and communications! LOL

As a start up that has to sell a product to raise money for charities, we aren't ready to report stats and figures yet, but we see the support and sales growing daily and we are so appreciative.

Also, the nature of the book sales industry is that we won't actually be collecting the money on those sales for 3-6 months, sometimes longer, so the support everyone is showing us today is what is going to bear fruit for our good work months from now. 

All revenues will be pooled into a fund for disbursement and we will be ready to make announcements for that in a few months when all the sales money has actually come in. 

In the meantime we have a particular interest in several parts of the world.

Being in Canada, the plight of native and indigenous people hits close to home, and we have a lot of issues to fix right here.

Of course this is a democracy with many voices and each member of our team is treated with equal respect and given a voice. 

In future our voting poll will also allow fans and readers to give their opinion on which areas they think we should support. 

We have an awesome IT person that's been building a database of relief organizations in need throughout Asia, Africa and the Middle East. 

We want to hear from YOU too.

Do you know of a place, community or region in trouble? Do you know any local organizations that need help providing food, water or shelter? If so, feel free to use out CONTACT page and drop a line!



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